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Analog Heat Analog Heat is a fiery furnace destined to make your music glow. Discuss Heat here. Digitakt Digitakt is a formidable drum machine and sampler with an astounding feature set and an exquisite digital sound engine. This fast and creative drum computer is discussed here. Analog Rytm Analog Rytm is an eight voice drum machine with sample support. Talk about this drum pad-equipped beat making machine here. Analog Drive The ideal pedal for guitarists who want to wreak havoc to signals and tones in the most diverse and characterful way possible. Discuss it here. Analog Keys/Four Analog Four, the digitally controlled analog synthesizer, combines immense analog power with a small form factor. Join in the chant! Monomachine Featuring digital synthesis methods as well as sequencing; the Monomachine is exceptionally usable. Get your voice heard here. Digitone Digitone is an eight voice digital synthesizer. It combines a modernized FM implementation with a classic subtractive synthesis signal flow, making it a powerful source of highly unique tones and timbres. Model:Samples Rhythm is a Breeze. Meet the six track groovebox that offers massive sound in a compact size. Other Elektron Gear Talk about all the other Elektron products here. TM-1, Sidstation, accessories et cetera. Octatrack Sample mangler, real time looper, MIDI sequencer. The creative sampler Octatrack has many sides and all of them can be discussed here. Machinedrum This is the home for all conversations relating to any model of the mighty drum machine/sampler Machinedrum.
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Hi all. This thread is here to create a space where all of you can post questions about, errors in, suggestions for the content in Elektron’s manuals (User Manuals, Quick Guides, and others). I often see posts here in t…

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