Please post your OT hiphop futurebeats lofi trip hop and boom bap here!

There isn’t a dedicated OT hiphop page just a DT so I am making one I will delete if I’m wrong.
I’m hoping this thread will be dedicated to the Octatrack and it’s use in hip hop, but if you have an OT and DT,DN,MD please post I want to see it all.


Made with OT and SP404


Missed my man so I made a jam sp404 in hand


“EP” I made on the OT a few months ago. Started as a joke but it’s surprising how easily the OT lends itself to working in this style once you turn off quantizing:


Yeah it’s really awesome especially it’s sampling abilities I’m in love with it. I’m certain people are gonna be using this as the 2000’s version of the SP-1200 it’s a hidden gem for hip hop. I’m gonna take a look at your tape. I’m working on making my own. Getting lyrics and instrumentals together is so hard!


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That DT thread is here (below), if they both become either/or then one might argue they may as well be merged - it’d be best to keep this topic as OT-centric as possible, maybe worth amending the opening post to make that point


Octatrack and SP-404


i think they should be merged into hiphop with elektron machines


I don’t mind, no horse whatsoever in this race, it’s just that there was a post above that was flagged OT (no pun intended) as it was all DT - both devices may yield different results and that may be interesting to the respective owners


Hi felt like a more hip hop Octatrack based thread would be helpful. I view the Octatrack as an SP-1200 on steroids and badger milk and is kinda a hidden hip Hop gem. Having a dedicated OT hip hop would maybe help more of us come out of the woodwork.


I love your music dust motes gain I inspiration from you weekly!


I found myself free styling to this it’s some dope shot dj shadow like but also got its own thing I enjoy it a lot.


Where do you get these cool, dirty drum sounds op? From breaks?

Do you play everything in by hand and leave it unquantized?

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I can’t listen to your songs they won’t play :frowning:

Hmm I use the master compressor over the whole track I compress my drums a shit done double compressor and then I’ll use the sp sometimes too I sampled a lot of drums bro I am a perfectionist it’s really pissing me off lately lol because my sounds sound good my arrangement isn’t. I finger drum it all on the OT

Thanks very much! That’s kind of you to listen - I was def digging the Ras track. I’ve only just got into him and was taken back by the news. Rip.

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Drop what you’re doing go listen to if you can it’s called LA Series 3 by Ras G and samiyam. Breakfast blunts is great


Had a sp404sx, sold it with my DT to buy an OT… kinda want one again to partner it with my op-z. How do you guys use it with your OT?

Meanwhile, some good ol’ octaboombap by yours truly:


Oh nice!