Syntakt USB Audio Not Working As Expected

Hey guys, hope someboday can help me out. I want to use my Syntakt with an iPad via USB Audio/Midi. Coming from a Model Cycles, which does this pretty good, my Syntakt isn’t behaving the same way as the M:C. I tried to set it up the same way as the M:C, therefore setting the USB config to “USB Audio/Midi” as well as switching the Audio Routing “Int to main” to Auto.

I thought this would work exactly as the M:C, resulting in muting of the internal output once the Syntakt is connected to the iPad and only hear what’s coming in and out of the iPad through Syntakt’s headphone jack.

The problem here is that it seems to output both the internal signal as well as the audio coming through the usb connection, which results in ugly phasing. So the “Int to main” setting does the same on “ON” as well as “AUTO”, but mutes everything on “OFF”, so no audio at all (not the syntakt and not the connected iPad apps).

Any help would be very very much appreciated!

If you disable the tracks from being sent to “MAIN OUT” bus, does that resolve?

I don’t have a Syntakt to verify whether it still sends to USB compliant, but that could be an option.

From the manual-


  • Here you find number of audio routing options that affects the Syntakt on a global level. You can also set the audio routing on a pattern level. For more information, please see “9.6.5 AUDIO ROUTING (PATTERN)” on page 39.

14.4.2 MAIN

  • Use this option to customize which of the 12 tracks + 2 effects (Delay, Reverb) that sends audio to the MAIN OUT outputs. Use the [TRIG 1–12] keys and the [FLTR], and [AMP] keys to activate/deactivate
  • send from each track and effect. Green keys signal send to main. Red keys signal do not send to main.
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Thank you very much for the reply! I‘ve tested it but this way it also disables the Syntakt from sending out through USB compliant. I still hope the problem is somehow related to a specific routing, but i can’t understand why it works flawlessly on the M:C but not with the Syntakt. If there are any other hints i would be very grateful, otherwise i might open a ticket.

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Wouldn’t hurt to open the ticket now, either!

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done. Let’s see! Will post it here if there’s a solution.

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UPDATE: Opened a ticket and got a speedy response from the support team.
ANSWER: It is INDEED a bug and will be reported to the dev team. Hope they wil fix it soon. Here is the full reply from the support:

When testing now, I also notice it isn’t fully working as expected. Having incoming audio routed PRE-FX doesn’t seem to work at the moment. I will report this to our developers. When the USB IN setting is POST-FX, it does however work correctly from what I can tell. I also notice that the INT TO MAIN setting isn’t automatically off when using the AUTO setting and streaming audio in USB AUDIO/MIDI mode. I will report this as well. Before we have a fix for this, you need to manually set it to OFF while streaming audio to/from your iPad. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope we can have bug fixes ready soon.