Digitone feature requests!


Allow audio sent into the inputs to be incorporated into the synthesis, it would be nice to be able have external audio to FM the operators, modulate the filter, trigger the LFOs and envelopes and so on, the V-Synth XT could do some of this and it was a great feature.

Individual note lengths and velocities for chords.

Feedback for other operators, more algorithms.

Use track buttons to mute operators.

Portamento with rate and time will fit nicely on those 2 blank squares on trig parameters page - just sayin! Essential :wink:

Digitone Tuning
Drum sound pack for Digitone

Chain Save and Load.
Overbridge working
Stable Midi Sequencer


Already? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just to make Sure. :rofl:
And derived from what ppl Here are whining about since Release of the DT. :wink:


New wavetable “machines”
16 voices
Parameter slide
More FX modules


Can you plock the arp and sequence midi with it?


individual track speed multipliers.

Slide & octave for note entry.


Yeah lack of slide is a real bummer.


Slide! And note overlap for midi legato possibilities.


Skimmed through the manual and couldn’t find anything about a sustain pedal functionality through a midi keyboard(hopefully this makes sense)! Obviously it is intended to be sequenced primarily but having the ability to use it as a synth module in that way would be really appealing to me!


Random mode in arpeggiator


Operator fixed frequency mode


This and Slide


note slide!


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Arp p locking indeed!!!


Did I mention parameter locking for the arp?


Env follower for audio input as modulation source.
If audio in can be used as frequency modulator for carriers that would be awesome.
Since I have only sub par knowledge in dsp/electronic I might be wrong, but I highly doubt this could be doable if not planned ahead at pcb level ?


Yes at least 1 env per operator is ideal.
I guess it’s up to the sequencer to try and provide the extra modulation required.
A shame there are still a few question marks.
Good effort overall though, probably the most interesting thing at NAMM


Absolutely … :+1: Elektron