Will there be Octatrack MK3 anytime soon?


Hi guys,

I know, this is probably gonna be pure speculation unless someone from Elektron themself joins here.
What do you think… will there be an Octatrack MK3 this year?
I am not so sure anymore because I see Elektron approaching a new circle of customers with all their cheaper products… actually all of their latest product line sells well below 1000€.


I think Elektron is like Valve and can’t count to 3 lol

Soon they’ll come out with mk 2 pt1, then mk2 pt 2…


I wish but doubt it tbh.think there concentrating on cheaper but easy to sell boxes at the moment.we can only dream😁


Yep it’s coming out in April.



Probably tomorrow. Good stuff happen on Fridays.


What the 1st day



We’re going to get the OctaModel:SampleTrack first!


Were already on the OT V. Where you been?


Yep, but only available until midday!




Supposed to be out on Tuesday.


It would make sense to me that they do a big (OT Like) Digitakt next as the architecture already has OB etc, I think OT will stay as it is and you may get OT sized Digitakt that does most of what OT does and eventually replaces it.




There is an x% chance of it being true.


Absolutely possible. Absolutely no chance of ít happening soon.



They are pretty tight lipped, so don’t count on it.

OTMK2 is a beast. If you don’t already have one, go ahead and get one and make some music with it.


It wouldn’t make business sense for them to replace the mk2 for at least 2-3 more years.

And even if they did mk3 it- I doubt there would be serious updates to the firmware for the update.

Of course, there’s equal likelihood that it will go the route of the silver boxes than getting a further updated iteration



I hope there won’t be a MK3. More a kind of Octatrack 2.0 with new features.