Feature Requests for all Elektron Machines

Hi all,

I talked to Cuckoo (those who don’t know him, do a search - it’ll make you happy) about what seems to be an easy update: the ability to focus on one page in a 32/48/64 step sequence. It is very frustrating to focus on for example step 18, and have to wait for the sequence to do it’s full cycle again just to hear what you are changing.

A work around Cuckoo came up with is to copy a page to another pattern (make it 16 steps) and then do your changes there, copy it back and voila. But it seems more easy to just push a button, telling the sequencer to loop a certain page.

I hope this is a relatively easy request and am looking forward to this functionality. Thanks!


Oh yes!!!

I really hope this feature too!!!


This is like a 1000000000000000000000000th time it’s been asked. If they haven’t done it so far then it probably can’t be done


Yes would be useful and seems a simple change.


I really don’t understand why it can’t be done???


+1 (million)

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yes please

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I think that is difficult to do when syncing for example with song position in a DAW.
But standalone or just synced to clock it should not be that big of a deal… especially since you can
also switch patterns in a second… So the machine allows for flexible playback.

For those who like polyrhythms, how do you select the right 16 beats when you also have odd pattern lengths?

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Not 100 percent sure, but if you go to song mode and make a song with just the pattern and the right offset and length , would that work?

simplicity and consistency of interface and choice. if there was the desire (:3lektron:) and an elegant way to implement it, which is more unlikely given the Fill functionality, then you’d have to start looking at the things which would have to be ironed out inside and weigh that up against the benefits … there’s no doubt having the ability to loop a zone of a larger zone is fantastic and creative, but it’s far too easy to say anything is easy to do just because it’s easy to say it ! It’s easy to dream about ping-pong modes and step skip and random modes, but I bet it’s a world of pain to make that robust and consistent with a step sequencer which is already massively complex… obviously the FR above isn’t gonna be a technical headscratcher, but if it makes for an overall less simple ux then it’ll be less likely … the days of dense OT style user interfaces are gone

whilst this one may well be doable, I certainly wouldn’t hold my breath waiting … don’t ask, don’t get, too though !

Whilst perhaps not exactly the same, i’d suggest chaining four 16 step patterns and just exiting chain mode at the desired pattern as another way to get by


The option to disable “soft thru” on midi tracks should be implemented on all Elektron machines.

This way you could still use the the Elektron machines to record/capture midi notes, but you would not need to turn off “local control” on your synths (double triggering). And you would not need to dedicate one machine to be the brains always (if you have more than one decent machine for midi sequencing).

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please add a MIDI controller (and/or overbridge control) for the Probability parameter that was added to the Digitakt and Digitone in the last update.

The Model:Cycles chance parameter has a MIDI controller assignment, so there is precedent.

This would be an extremely useful compositional tool; having one tracks probability rise over time, while another track’s falls. You can of course manually move this per track, or use control all, but without a way to automate this, it’s a bit limiting.



4: and perhaps the inverse trig condition. Instead of 1:4 playing a trig once every 4 loops…there could be 1:4 (maybe with a line over it) that played the trig on all loops but the first.

2:4: all loops but the second
3:4: all loops but the third
etc :slight_smile:


Good one. Today, I set a mute trig on 1:4 followed by a /PRE with microtiming full left.
A /1:4 condition would make this way simpler :slight_smile:



I like that this thread exists and I wish it had more traction. Never understood why there wasn’t one like it that’s more active.

Along with agreeing with what everyone else has said here so far, I have a few ideas of my own.

  1. A FILL condition condition. For example, Steps 3 and 4 both have FILL mode enabled, but step 4 has FILL 2:2, so it will only play on the 2nd go around of the FILL.

  2. For the boxes that output “mono” signals in Overbridge, the option to enable stereo for p-locked panning.

  3. Modmatrix for assigning LFOs and AMP/FLT envelopes to multiple/other destination.

  4. Pattern Mute Destinations would essentially allow for almost every box to have some sort of song mode that could control other boxes, too.

  5. When you latch FILL mode and go into the track to edit it, pressing PAGE shouldn’t turn off FILL.

  6. I’m not quite sure how it’d work, but I believe on the Deluge, you can technically zoom in on the step sequencer to get more precise micro-timing, as well as place quick successions of notes on “one pad” (I could be totally wrong). I see this being really useful for extending the 64 step pattern, especially when you’ve asked it to play in divisions of the original BPM. So if I set my track to play at 1/2, I could still have some notes play at “full speed” as 1 step might actually hold 2 pieces of note data. This is somewhat doable on some of the boxes by using arps, but since you can’t p-lock the arp on all but the OT, it is quite limited.

  • midi retrig

The only thing I find myself wanting for atm is the ability to save all kits simultaneously. Sometimes I’ll have to save 11 or 12 manually on my AR or A4 before saving the project. Seems like it would be pretty straightforward to implement but what do I know.

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