Superbooth 19


Looks like this will be a good one.
Two hundred and twenty four exhibitors listed so far.
Lots of good things expected.

Including Elektron who are again at the top of the floorplan list.


ACL – Sinfonion - O553
Analogue Solutions – Impulse Command - E147
Waldorf – Kyra - W240
4MS – Spherical Wavetable Navigator - O198
U·D·O - Super 6 - W377
Superlative – Space Bee - W215
DinSync - JP-One - H256
Oliver Wittchow - Nanoloop - H505
Rossum Electro-Music - Panharmonium - H504
Rossum Electro-Music - Trident - H504
Black Corporation - Xerxes - W252
Behringer - K-20 - O320
Elta - POLIVOKS PM-02 - ???
Humble - Quad Operator - W235
Doepfer - Slime Line Series - O236
Worng - SoundStage Stereo Spectral Mixer - E272
Moog - Matriarch and likely Spectravox? - H316
Steady State Fate – Stereo Dipole - W375
Soma Labs - Pulsar 23 - W325
Make Noise – X-Pan - O248
1010Music - Blackbox Sampling Workstation - E253
IO Instrument - Nine Eurorack modules - W220
Flame - Mäander - W321
IK Multimedia - ??? - W430
Supercritical - Demon Core Oscillator - ???
Elektofon - Klang - W271
Pittsburgh Modular – Voltage Research Laboratory - O266
Korg - Volca Nubass - W130 - Is this real?
Polyend - ??? - E222
Division Department - 01/IV - H251
Novation - Summit - O527 also E258
Finegear - Arkive Effect - E274
XAOC - 5 Eurorack Modules - E220
Modal - CraftSynth V2 - O306
IK Multimedia - UNO Drum - W430
Elektron - Digitone Keys - W110
MIND Music Labs - VST in Hardware - O504

New Elektron machine SuperBooth 2019
Waldorf Kyra
New Elektron machine SuperBooth 2019

ACL Sinfonion

Polyphonic Eurorack CV output chord sequencer, with arpeggiator and chord progressions.


Analogue Solution – Impulse Command

A full stereo analog synth with 16 step sequencer. There is a ReOrder function with the sequencer which i guess is like a randomizer. Sounds pretty good to me.

ADDED: Link to full thread for this.

Impulse Command from Analogue Solutions

1156€ for the Impulse Command


4MS Spherical Wavetable Navigator


U.D.O Audio – New Synth


They have a booth right across from Elektron. The strong probabilities is that it is analog and poly. Other than that – well that’s the fun of new product announcements.

I also think one of the principal engineers on this is George Hearn who was formerly with Modal. You can see him here in this video, sitting in the middle next to Nick Batt.


That smacks of Cwejman dude.


Superlative – SB-1 Space Bee

A two and a half octave battery powered analog synth with some sort of 3340 oscillator and an OTA (Operational Transconductance Amplifier) VCF.

There’s a 3-D rendering of the synth at that web-site. Looks like lots of sliders across the top.
It says it’s one inch thick ?!

They’re also in a booth right across from Elektron.


It’s not entirely random. It’s a selection of set patterns that create musical and melodic sequences. :wink:


Very interesting! Its a Sh101 Replica… but there is something about it that tickles my GAS. Much more than that Behringer replica. Maybe that Slick Design and Form Factor?


They seem to have grouped several interesting companies with new (or newer) stuff right next to Elektron – see the floorplan link at the top.




Don’t worry. You’ll be able to pick one up from @DavyP at half that price in six months :rofl:

note: I am missing your AS stuff DavyP :+1:


I’m going to be adding a few bits of AS gear to the collection over the next couple of months as I’m missing my AS stuff also :cry:

I’ve been playing about with the Deepmind 12 the last few days. I’ve also bought a Neutron and Boog D. Grabbed a Squarp Pyramid yesterday also so going to de a video with the Beringher stuff Erica Modular gear and Polymath playing together and controlled by the Pyramid

Should sound good. Deepmind sounds great. Made some nice patches with it. Feel bad now I originally turned my nose up to it as it sounds lovely.


This was at Machina Bristonica last month (which is actually where the photo’s from, I think) and the rep said it’s not actually going to be produced in this form - which is a huge shame because that synth was mega fun.


This thing is interesting. I wonder what price point they’re going to hit. Onboard battery, analog 3340 VCO, hard to say. Glad to see there might be some new stuff at Superbooth.


DinSync JP-One


Not to much detail on this so far. The interface in the picture looks super approachable.




:heart: din sync


Oh hell yes. I very much like the sound of the Jupiter-6. Something to look forward to.