Superbooth 19

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Wednesday/ Thursday morning will probably crash I can feel it


Wow mine sounds really warm all of a sudden


That’s unfortunate.

I think they’re doing really interesting things and don’t seem to get the attention their peers get. Strange (or not if it’s not good quality).

They used to have awesome quality…then it just went to shit. I got rid of everything from them and wont go back.

Finegear - Arkive Effects


This is an analog multi-FX unit, with 2 voltage controlled LFOs, 2 tape saturation units, a spring reverb, a delay, and a phaser. So i guess it bears comparison to the Dreadbox Hypnosis.

Last year at Superbooth they introduced their Mixerblocks product – an interesting modular mixer that you can build to match your own needs.

ADDED: Finegear Website They are at booth E274.


Is it just me or has Superbooth become vastly more interesting than NAMM?


Whoa that is rad! Midi?

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This one is interesting. Just want to listen to what the Tape 1 and Tape 2 sound like first. Also see no “wobble” on the tape channels so im hoping they have a CV in to mod pitch for a workaround.

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I don’t see that – but not sure.

I’m still looking over their Mixerblocks product, i somehow missed that from last year – or i’ve forgotten. It’s a good concept.

ADDED: Different than Hypnosis, the spring reverb has a removable cover for more precise messing around.

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Website says tape emulation instead of real tape. The original EHX Deluxe Memory Man was intended to be an analog tape delay emulator until it became part of its own category of delay effect.

The custom diode idea seems cool

VPME – QD (Four channel drums in 22hp Eurorack)

There’s a description and demo video here:

VPME is at booth E265.

ADDED: This might be well paired with the Euclidean Circles product from the same company.


I like the esthetic they chose. The slightly worn and scratched look is cool.


Xaoc Devices - Five new Eurorack Modules


  • Jena 1989 Binary Transfunctioner, transform simple waveforms to more complex ones, its 8 bit.
  • Sarajewo 1984 Syncable Analog Delay Line with BBD
  • Timiszoara 1970 Voltage Controlled DSP Effektor in stereo
  • Samara II 1962 Utility Waveform Processor multifunction device and mixer
  • Nin 1973 Expander for the Zadar quadruple envelope generator module

XAOC is at booth E220


Reminds of the Vermona DRM mk3

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Yup. NAMM caters more to old guys who want all synths to be black.

I definitely agree with you . As i commented earlier i think it has to do with Superbooth being more friendly to the smaller synth innovator. NAMM is good too.

Perhaps there’s an effect too between LA and Berlin. Where would you go to hear electronic music? – sorry LA i love you too.

Just notice that Modal has a booth (O306) so look for the CraftSynth V2.
They had a small hitch in the manufacture of the carrying case so their Kickstarter has been delayed slightly but look for this small (inexpensive) wonder soon.

Inexpensive = $149 USD.


I really hope it is a digitone keys. Although, that might make it harder to flip an Analog Keys to raise the money… DAMN.

That’s still not been figured out? – there are too many posts at the “RAFTD” thread for me to read.

One day – either the Grand Opening of Elektron Berlin or the SB preshow will tell.

ADDED: Yes tomorrow the dam breaks, there will be lots of news from the people walking around SB as it gets set up. Sonic State (Nick) is usually good for this sort of thing.