Overbridge 2.0 - How to report issues

Instructions for Reporting Found Issues and Feedback
Please report all bugs, irregularities and exceptions to Elektron Support. For this, you need an elektron.se account. Logged in to your account, go to elektron.se/support , choose Overbridge from the drop-down menu, scroll down to the Contact support section and click Create a ticket . As a topic/subject, write a short description of issue. Do not forget to set the “Reason for ticket” to “Overbridge”.

All Reports Must Include

  • Overbridge version (found in the settings of the Overbridge Control Panel).
  • Computer OS.
  • Firmware version (shown briefly on the display when device is powered on) and name of Elektron device (e.g. Analog Four MKI/MKII etc.).
  • Logs (see instructions below).
  • Steps to reproduce, if possible (if notpossible to reproduce, please notify).
  • If you have access to another device and/or another OS, please try to reproduce the issue with different combinations of devices and OSes (and report what you find).

Extracting Logs from your Computer
Please extract the relevant diagnostics information, log files or crash dumps from your operating system. Make sure you attach the files to your report.

To collect the log Overbridge produces you can do this from the settings page in the Overbridge Control Panel.

Steps to report:

  • Start by enabling logging in Overbridger Control Panel
  • If logging is already enabled, start by clearing the logs instead
  • Reproduce the issue
  • Quit any running plugin (standalone or openend in DAW) and Overbridge Engine
  • Press “Compress logs”, a .zip file will be created.
  • Attach this log to the support ticket together with the system logs that are described below.

Mac OS specific
If you experience problems in computer and device communication (USB connectivity issues, driver issues, etc.), please extract the relevant logs from the Console.app application. Assuming you can reproduce the problem, extract the log lines from just before you started your attempt to reproduce the problem, through to when the problem occurred, as the following:

  • Please choose the log that is named as your Mac in the left sidebar (e.g., Davids iMac) and hit “Clear” on the top bar.
  • Reproduce the issue, the log will start filling up.
  • Copy-paste the output into a text file and attach this to the ticket.

Windows specific

If Windows has crashed with a blue screen, report this and we might ask you to collect system crash logs for us.

Thank You for Reporting!
Your detailed, technical feedback on issues that may occur with your specific setup, combined with the input from other beta testers, is an important part of making the Overbridge 2.0 development work effectively. We would also like to remind you to keep general support issues, suggestions or feature requests out of the report.


Hi, Analog Rytm MKII is doesn’t work correctly

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I’m dying :joy:


Hi,I use Analog Four MKII Firmware 1.36 Beta2,with Windows 10 Pro and Studio One v4.5 and Overbridge 2.0.14.

Overbridge worked well for the first time when I was using Studio One 4.1,but now since I use it with Studio One 4.5 Overbridge doesn’t work correctly.
When I press a key on my midi keyboard,the sound of my Analog 4 MKII isn’t normal.
And I can’t export a midi event too.

This isn’t a thread for reporting issues, but rather to explain how issues should be reported. To report an issue, please follow the instructions @Olle gave in the first post at the top of the thread. Thanks!


Where are the log files stored? I can’t find this documented here, in the Rytm II manual, or in the Overbridge manual. Where is this documented (location of log files).

Overbridge Control Panel’s options > Compress logs to zip