Overbridge 2.0.17 Public Beta

I am also having the same problems. Sound disappears almost completely if drawing even a simple slope for frequency. It works quite well if I only set one value once through automation though.

Two questions regarding sampling on the Digitakt through the Overbridge VST. Forgive me if I’m missing something obvious here, but I read through the manual and didn’t find anything answering this.

  1. Should I be able to send audio to the VST and record it into the Digitakt? I’m okay with running audio cables from my interface into the Digitakt’s inputs but I just wanted to check if I’m supposed to be able to avoid that. I can send audio to the track that the Digitakt is on in Bitwig but it doesn’t make it to the Digitakt.
  2. Is it normal that input monitoring doesn’t work from the Recorder screen on the Digitakt itself? Turning it on doesn’t seem to do anything. It records fine, though, and playing back recorded samples works as expected.

Thanks all!

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Latest firmware on DT and OB beta seem to work fine now ! Finaly able to sequence and record external gear through Audient and 8 channels ADAT simultaneously with the DT separate channels through OB in sync. :grinning:

With this version I am experiencing issues with my AR MK1 vsti plugin when assigning a sample from the file menu to the sound pool. After opening a project in ableton, I start editing my sound in overbridge only to be halted by the fact that the sample file and folder menu are not visible.


The standalone AR editor version displays both files and folders correctly and only after I have exited ableton and run the standalone version will the issue go away. Rebooting my project in ableton after running the standalone AR editor seems to correct the issue. The issue is quite random and doesn’t necessarily happen every time that I open the vsti plugin to make edits with samples.


Will you add also pads for changing patterns and bank inside the overbridge app and are you planning to join the sample & sysex management into the overbridge plugin?

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Please report issues using this link, as I just have:

Nobody’s going to bother reproducing things mentioned in this thread (at least, I don’t think so). It’s kind of a pain, but it’s the only way the developers will have an organized way to look at these issues. I’m as disappointed as all of you that this is still as buggy as it is, but let’s help them get somewhere positive.


Not so long as you actively remember to move the right VST (Not stand-alone) files into your selected VST folder with every update.

I think all I did was run the uninstaller? That’s what I was promoted to do, if I recall.

One thing I spotted is that the version number is in the lower right of the VST (at least it is for DT)


That helped me confirm that I was running the latest one.

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@Gino that’s mad smart, thanks

Dumb question, but how do I get this thing running standalone with the Digitone? CP opens fine and sees mt DN but I can’t get the ‘Overbridge Engine’ to open. I’m using the latest version (downloaded from this thread).

Any resolution to the hanging notes in Digitone?


do i have to upgrade the os in the hardware?

Instructions here:

Run on Logic X + Mojave OB 2.0.17

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I am experiencing an issue, sometimes my Rytm MK2 skips a note that it gets sent from Ableton. Overbridge on my computer detects the note but it does not reach the Rytm. Is there any way to fix this? It happens every 2-3 bars.

Freezing happens literally every time I use my Digitakt in Overbridge mode, it’s confirmed. Sometimes it takes half an hour, sometimes an hour, but it happens every single time. I’ll chime in with more details when someone responds to my bug report.


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I really wish you guys would just get this wrapped up. Your firmware update process is so painfully slow. Perhaps the slowest I have ever come across.