Overbridge 2.0.11 Public Beta - Plugins, Drivers and Firmware

Everything works fine except for the total recall. when I load the project again in ableton some of the parameters are not as I saved them. Any ideas how to solve this issue?


So, I still have my Analog Rytm Mk 2 wired up to go through my mixer via analog TRS cables, and I got Overbridge working just fine, but man does it sound like crap through USB. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong (i’m a full blown professional film composer with a very complex studio so I’m pretty sure I got it right) but the audio that’s coming into logic via the Overbridge inputs, sounds thin, slightly distorted, and well, very cheap. But if I monitor my TRS outputs, it’s sounds fantastic. Has anyone else had low audio quality issues when using the USB audio from Analog Rytm Mk 2?

I’m in the same boat, its driving me mad!

Has there been any update on when the Digitone plugin is coming??


Overbridge, is a nice idea, but it doesn’t work well at all. I think all the hype behind it is a waste of time. Just like anything else, it’s better to use a drum machine with proper TRS outputs, run it into a nice preamp, maybe some FX and track the thing like any other instrument. USB audio sounds rad on my Orion converters, but on this device, it’s insanely bad. You guys should just forget this nonsense, and make drum machines.

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Your a beta tester and there’s issues with your setup, if it worked great it wouldn’t be in beta. OB1 sounds fine over usb. Give it time.
Don’t be mad at me, I’m your friend, just saying though… If you haven’t you should go here:

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This would really be useful. Also what I really miss is dragging samples from Ableton directly in the Overbridge Window. THAT would be it :wink:

In this state it´s just a virtual controller for a real Instrument. And it really really uses a hefty bit of CPU here, which makes it unattractive.

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For some it defaults as 16-bit, have you checked so you have it running in 24-bit? I don’t have a big difference in my setup, I’m running a mk1, but yours should do even better considering bandwidth etc.

I do agree to an extent on taking the usb streaming revolution with caution, TRS is still the safest way for non-delayed, ace sound that the rytm is made for :slight_smile:

I would have connected all my elektrons through line if I had the inputs, but I don’t have a film composer studio unfortunately haha

I am actually looking for an old tascam or boss mixer to sum the boxes the analog way and just using the plugins as editors/librarians, just way easier for all purposes when you do have it setup!

Yup. Updating my video card driver fixed the problem. Thanks!



May I ask… when Overbridge for the Rytm MKII is released (and available for Logic) will I be able to copy the MIDI pattern data from my ARII to a MIDI track within my DAW?

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I’ll check at some point, but the difference between 16 and 24 bit, is not one of extreme audio quality loss. It’s just a little fidelity boost. The sound of the USB audio coming from my Analog Rytm is night and day. Like if you heard it in the shop you’d never buy the drum machine because it sounds like cheap piece of junk.

It’s simple, USB audio technology is amazing right now. Orion has it completely nailed. It’s common place. The thing that is happening here, is that guys that are making amazing instruments are now trying to instantly evolve into software developers that have to compete with their own amazing sound quality, and for not much money. I paid 3k alone just for my Orion converters, and the analog rytm mk 2 was 1100 bucks or something.

They’ve been trying to make this work for almost 2 years now right? I mean, they are trying to make a plugin that wont crash logic and other DAWs (very commonplace thing to learn), they are trying to stream high quality audio over USB (very common thing these days), and they are trying to get the plugin to work solidly back and forth between the computer and the instrument (Moog just nailed it with Sirin). I think they just bit off WAY more than they can chew and are not hiring the experts they need to get this to work.

So, it’s just a massive distraction and a waste of time. It only takes a few extra minutes to track things one by one into logic, or if you have free DI’s you can do it in one pass. I honestly think they should just give it up because then I’ll stop checking to see if they made it LOL!!

BTW I absolutely love my drum machine and Analog Heat. They sound sick. I’m just not a fan of watching this slow motion train wreck.

Dude…its beta…!

Access took many years to properly implement virus TI…one 2 devices only…

Moog also was in beta for the sub phatty vst for 1/2 a decade…i only got a full working vst in 2017.

Im still getting firmware updates for my blofeld that i bought in 2008 and only 2/3rds of the thing fuctions when its not crashing…

There are alot of moving parts to this…processors, chipsets, opperating systems, daws, graphics cards, devices, blah blah blah…

Its ambitious I’ll say that much…but working better on multiple devices than any other gear i have. Working really well for me on my ARmkii and DT. I would hardly call it a trainwreck…

You’re part of something at the grass roots level of development…embrace the opportunity and the challenge or go buy something already well tested like massive or a dx7 (and rinsed on every release for the past decade)…

I cant think of any other manufacturer of gear trying to release integrated audio and control software for this many devices across multiple platforms…at once…either be part of it or move out of the way.

Send tickets and as much data as you can to the developers, its the best way to realise the vision…ragging on creative endevour on a forum wont get you anywhere…?

I love my drum machine and sampler 2…:blush:

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Also yip
DT also sounds much better analogue out…there is magic in the signal chain when its not stemming out over usb…the master comp and reverb is like black magic sorcery that no pluggin can mimic…its not just the ARMkii…

But…my virus is the same…better through the trs out into a pre…the ti usb audio is 2nd rate…but the choice is great…


How does the Heat work in overbridge? Do you have the same issues with degraded quality over USB there?

Am having sync drift problems with Digitakt and ableton 10. OB 2.0.112

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Hey Guys - So I am running an Analog 4 MK II with the latest Firmware + Overbridge Latest Firmware Beta. I have setup all of my tracks both the VST dedicated + 4X midi and 4X audio to receive. Once I set the Analog 4 into Overbridge mode it completely disappears now from the Ableton midi preferences menu. I have tried to route all of my midi channels to send midi from the dedicated midi tracks I have created. The VST reads the analog 4 and all of the functions can be manipulated but I get no sound. I am stumped at this point. Not sure what to do. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

When sending pgm changes from Digitakt via Overbridge, it sends another program change message to pgm 1 right after. Is this an issue or misconfiguration?

Ive already submitted this, i got a response about it. Ill dig it out and foward.

If your using Logic you can filter the 1 out.
Gimme a bit to dog out the reply. Its apparently bu design.

Thank you. I’ll be waiting patiently. :slight_smile:

I’m using Ableton Standard.