Overbridge 2.0.30 Public Beta

I’ve been experimenting with downgrading and upgrading my OB, those are still available as topics on the forum with the downloads- you should just be able to do a search on the forum and find it

Seems like 2.0.30 has fewer instances of hanging notes/infinite unsolicited sustain on the Digitone when playing midi from the DAW compared to 2.0.24 :slight_smile: it’s very usable now.


Any changes to the Digitakt implementation in this version? I don’t see anything listed specifically regarding that machine.

Under Sierra A4 MK2 is not visibile anymore within OvB engine (2.0.30). Had to downgrade to
MacPro 5.1. Sierra, 2x 6 core 3.33, 48GB RAM
LPX 10.4.4

A4 MK2 OS: 1.40.A

Mac is fine, but I hope you folks fixed daily BSODs since .21 build on Windows systems

@Zeush Collect that crash dump and forward it to support. How to report issues


Thank you so much! Truly appreciate you getting this out.

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Will there ever be support for Windows lower than 10? windows 8.1 for example or is every user running a windows 8 computer stuck with elektron devices and no overbridge?

This version will not recognise the units ( Digitone in my case ) if the operating system is Mac OS Sierra I reverted back to and now is working fine !

The nicest Xmas gift! Just bought Analog 4 and on to exploring overbridge with all my other Elektron gear during the holidays.
Happy holidays to all!!

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it is a little glitchy but it works for me in reaper. I haven’t updated my Mac yet. still on Mojave 10.14
For me, starting & stopping (after about 1 or two bars) a few times usually works out the glitches. I have my Digitakt following Reaper for the clock and the transport, but I never feed the Digi info from the piano roll.

This beta business is getting a bit nuts… how long has this been in development now?

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Both DigiTakt and DigiTone are not recognized and not detected on my mac under MacOS X Sierra, i had to downgrade to the previous Overbridge version to have everything working

Thanks Ryan.

Thread is here if any other Sierra people want it:

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I’m running on win7 and the OB beta is working ok with my a4 mkII and AR mkII.

it won’t even install on my computer running win 8.1…

Does anyone know if AXX is a possibility? Just curious

Rytm mk1 not recognized using MacOS Mojave

Nevermind, solved. USB not configured properly. DUH!


I’ve my Digitakt with Firmware version 1.11. Mac with Catalina 10.15.2. And overbridge2.0.30 dowloaded and Installed.

Despite I’ve checked that all Privacy and Security Settings are allowed, the system seems unable to see the digitakt so do Ableton Live.

What should I do?

Thanks for your support.