Overbridge 2.0.16 Public Beta

Confirmed here as well on Analog Four MK2 & Analog Rytm MK2.

Edit: With this release Analog Four MK2 is not crashing anymore when loading sounds from sounds browser, thumbs up to devs.


AF mkII here on macOS, Soundbrowser displays Banks A-P with no duplicate of Bank H. Looks fine

Interesting, on Mac OS too here (Sierra 10.12.6).
Did an uninstall previous to update, wonder if it could be related to an old or temp Overbridge file.

Edit: Tried by removing all Elektron files left by uninstaller before clean reinstall, no change.

Problem with missing banks here as well. AK. Reverting back to 2.0.14.


Seems is rock stable now running in windows 10 and ableton live 10.1
Digitakt, Rytm II, Digitone and Analog four II running at the same time in overbridge mode without any issues, no cracks, pops clicks and clean audio all the way …:heart_eyes:

tonight i am gonna check with latency checker if the latency isseu with 1 of the system drivers is solved…for now it looks very promising…:slight_smile:

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Please report.
How to report issues


fixed my latency problem on large projects on windows.
no matter what i did before I couldnt get it to play in time… now works!!!

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Same here since the last version… :disappointed_relieved:

I have so many issues with my Digitone, The Arp still doesn’t save with a patch using Overbridge. The Arp Clears all its active note points after every save of the sound. My Digitone if left on overnight starts to alter the sounds and introduces distortion or some random FM magicery! Stuck notes, notes hanging all the F*king time, it’s becoming a liability to call this a live machine! I’d never play this thing live. It might be just my unit, but stuck notes are a massive NO NO!
Thew Mod Wheel and Pitch Bend and Aftertouch still not been recognized by the thing using Overbridge!

This update has fixed nothing for me, infact made things worse.

Me neither. OB is in beta and I think I have been clear that it’s not live ready. I don’t see where you got the impression that it is?

The unit on its own without OB I use live a lot.


Soundbrowser on Analog Keys only displays banks from bank A to H. Anything after that it’s just displaying bank H again.

Same here with Analog 4 on High Sierra

Really good point to keep in mind - though I absolutely love using OB in my studio.


I know it is BETA, and thank you for your reply. I think I have found a (hopefully Temporary if you fix it) solution to the note hanging on the Digitone while using it with OverBridge.

It seems using a different Midi output to send the notes to the Digitone fixes the note hanging. So you are in luck if you have a spare midi out, and a midi cable. In otherwords, Don’t use OB to send note data to the Digitone. Use some other hardware device.

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You don’t have to, there is a USB output already available, just use that instead of the plugin input. It works fine.

Anyone else having the GUI window size always reverting back to 100% after closing and re-opening the window?

Using Live 9.7.7/MacOS 10.12.6/Analog Keys

Yep, afaik it’s been that way since zoom was intro’d

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same here on Live 10.1 Win10.

I fixed it! Needed to use the old beta installer as the uninstaller.


Im using Digitakt and Logic synced together and Its not in synced up properly :\ I believe it was working better last patch but not sure. Please fix!

How about your Analog Keys project sound pool?

Mine shows empty when I’ve actually got about 80 sounds in there.