Overbridge 2 - Analog Four External inputs into Ableton live - Leakthrough - no control

So, I am experimenting with the new Overbridge Version Beta and in my normal setup I run a 2 Mono Synths into the A4’s Inputs (separate cables into the physical inputs of the A4). Setting this up in Ableton is proving very frustrating as there seems to be no way of isolating these 2 inputs within overbridge/ableton… There is a leak-through… I have the inputs coming in to separate audio channels via the Overbridge Plugin but (I have selected the (Input L/Input R-Analog Four) there is no way to select left or right separately… So, I have tried making two instances of the audio track and then using Lives utility plugin to select right and left channels respectivley but there is still some leak-through to each channel… Any ideas Elektron/Elektron geeks?

In simple terms as per the screenshot, I can still here some of Audio Track 14 (A4 external i/p Left) in Audio Track 15 (A4 external i/p Right)

ALSO FOR THE DEVELOPERS… Overbridge Control Panel Crashes whenever I try to open it with Ableton Live 10 open. I need to restart my computer and set whatever settings I need before I use/open Ableton. This is a major bummer… OSX 10.11.6.

Thanks in advance for any help…

Have you got any fx on the inputs ? (assuming you can , I need to learn my a4 much better)

Have you reported the issue as described in the corresponding Overbridge BETA thread? I don’t think that the developers scan random posts here, but are quite busy with other stuff …

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When I understand you correctly you want to use inputs 1 and 2 on two separate channels in Ableton, right? As far as I know this is not possible without a workaround as the audio inputs are designed to show as a stereo channel in Ableton. However I think that this is something that could be addressed in a future version of Overbridge. The Analog Four can handle both inputs individually on the hardware and the scenario to connect two different mono sources is a common setup. I can emphasize what @tnussb said: open a ticket and address this to Elektron beta team.

Thanks yeah you understand me correctly… Exactly what I am hoping for doing yeah… I’d have thought though that I could just duplicate the stereo channel and use lives utility plugin to just make them left or right only (mono)… but it seems not… cheers anyway!

I will put a post in the Overbridge beta thread too :wink:

By the way - yes it is clear that the A4 can process like this as it has separate FX processing on each input… they act as mono anyway…

Posting to the beta thread wouldn’t do better than posting here. Please read this on how to report issues:


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All clear cheers - Ticket has be created…

Did you ever get a response on this? I tried just tried the utility trick which you’d think in theory would work. Did they say if there was any workaround or possibility of getting this addressed in future?

It works here for me on Analog Keys, either by setting up a dedicated track in Ableton and using the Utility device, or routing the 2x inputs to the main OB plugin’s outputs just by turning up the 2x input volumes in OB’s FX tab. Not hearing any bleed from L into R or vice versa.