Overbridge 2.0 Public Beta - Plugins, Drivers and Firmware

Ah, I understand.
Yes, you’ll want a hub.

I’ve had success with this one , it doesn’t supply “power pass thru” where you can plug the laptop charger into it and run power and the hub from one usb-c port (those can be pricey and its hard to find one without issues), however it is relatively low cost and gets the job done with full throughput.


That sounds great, thanks!

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There’s a bit of discrepancy between the news post and the manual…
News post:

Manual: (mentions hubs, but mostly when talking about older devices)


Is this where we post feedback as well?

MUTING and SOLOing using the global level mixer in the vst is doing nothing for me.
Muting using the MASK does work.

This is a good day:) Seem to work as a charm. I have my Analog Four MKII with Studio One 4 and OB 2.0. Just need to understand how to get the separate tracks in S1. USB audio work:)

(Click on the post link for more instructions…)


yes same here, logic user


Hot damn is it a good day for music! Glad my macbook meets those requirements, but those specs seem kinda high for what OB is. Then again, I’m not a software engineer, just a thankful Elektron user.

pissed win 7 user here. :slight_smile: i understand when you jump over win 8. but at the moment no one knows when win 10 works perfect. there are still many issues. many lazy company didn´t deliver their (final) drivers. please win7


Windows 7x64 installed OK
but the driver in not signed!

Windows asked me 3 times if I’m sure to install the driver.

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Oh this is goooood, thanks Elektron :heart_eyes:

Gonna track out loads of patterns and do some mixing biatch!

i’m using digitone as soundcard right now… is there a way to increase sound-quality?
i’m asking because there’s a noticeable difference between the direct output from the unit and ableton… in ableton it feels not as “stereo” as it comes directly from the headphone output… or am i too picky? or too stupid? :sweat_smile: can i do something in the preferences?

Wow, this is really good! Digitakt worked perfectly on the first try and synced up right away with Ableton. I decided to press my luck and run an instance of Analog Heat as well… and both worked perfectly together!

After that, I was able to route Squarp Pyramid directly to Digitakt OB with minimal fuss.

I can now finally work on cleaning up my desk and reducing all of the cable clutter.

Looking forward to seeing the team at NAMM. Great job so far, everyone.

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Just loaded up overbridge in Mac in ableton, digitakt is showing up, but not showing and sounds in browser or sound pool, any ideas?

I can’t seem to load the plugins in Ableton Live. They don’t show up when I re-scan my VST folder, and I can’t drag and drop them either. :frowning: Anyone else had this?

So, it worked on win 7 after you submitted driver install?

Edit: works after allowing drivers to load at system preferences.
Can’t get digitone to work (audio over usb). Firmware, drivers and overbridge mode check, osx mojave. Restarted, rebooted etc. No cigar. Not even close.

Overbridge mode enabled?

Interesting stats, T + 5 hour snapshot …

> opening post