OB2 with Digitone unusable / crackles - dropouts

i am on a notebook with windows 10
8gb ram
i7 8550U
ssd drive
graphics on board by intel

when i connect my digitone via OB and use it in ableton i have massive dropouts an crackles. cpu shows 17% in ableton and arroun 30% in taskmanager. which is not that much to get problems like this.

this is only in OB mode. very frustrating. this happens by using digitone as audio interface but using my komplete 6 as audio interface as well. in the past week i tried a lot. energy saving plan configuration in windows to high performance. all energy saving stuff is disabled. i turned off hyperthreading and intel dptf and all other stuff i’ve found via google to have it configured well for audio and music production. also checked all drivers and services. turned off cpu parking. now i am at the point to give up. connected my digitone via midi and do -without OB, which is frustrating because i really wanted to use it.

i also tried bitwig demo which also had the crackles but not that much like in ableton. oh and when i minimize the gui of the daw the crackles are gone. but to say it again, i only have this problems with OB enabled in digitone. also when i did not load the vst. i also tried all audio driver configs for buffering etc and on the OB control panel.

is there a way to use OB just for controlling the digitone without the audio stream?
or anyone with tips to get rid of this issues?

any help is highly appreciated

thank you

Ok now i installed fresh windows 10 only ableton on it and overbridge. The same dropouts and crackles. (as soon as i enable overbridge i have these problems)

Maybe my Digitone is the problem? Is it broken?

I also have exceptions sometimes on my DN

Anyone else have these?

I had one dropout in beta when tracking all 4 tracks plus master as an fx return track but it didn’t make it into the recorded audio. I’ve never had any hard exception crashes like you’re seeing. Have you actually opened any support tickets with Log files and info from your device?

How to Report Issues


ah thx for the link. will do this!

Ohh my … i think the lates overbridge 2.016 update made it! the crackles and dropouts are gone! :slight_smile: