Elk-Herd 3.0

Announcing elk-herd 3.0!

elk-herd is a device manager for some Elektron instruments:

+Drive Sample management for Digitakt and Analog Rytm

  • Transfer files to and from your computer with simple drag-n-drop
  • Reorganize the +Drive with drag-n-drop
  • Easily rename files and folders
  • View your whole +Drive structure at once

Project & Pattern management for Digitakt

  • Transfer projects to/from your computer
  • Reorganize patterns, the sample pool, and the sound pool with drag-n-drop
  • All sounds and plocks are kept in sync with all changes
  • Find unused sample and sound slots
  • Move free space in the sample and sound pools to the end
  • Import patterns, sample pool entries, and sounds from one project into another

Using it:

elk-herd is free, and hosted on the web. You need a browser that supports WebMIDI - which means Chrome for now - and once loaded it runs locally on your machine:

elk-herd: https://electric.kitchen/crunch/elk-herd/

If you prefer, you can download the archive, unpack it, and open it on Chrome locally on a computer with no internet net access: https://electric.kitchen/crunch/elk-herd-live.tgz


Local Elektronaut @DaveMech’s awesome walk through:

Demonstration of project import:

Short manual for other features:


Thanks to all the people who tested the alpha and beta versions over the last four months! You were very brave to trust your Digitakt projects to me, and I couldn’t have done this without you!

If you were using the rc1 version, 3.0 release is exactly the same save the version number.

Known Issues

  • Be aware of LFO Dest set to Sample Slot (in the track or plock’d): If you rearrange the sample pool, you have to know which samples need to be kept next to each other.
  • There are still problems with using elk-herd on Linux due to known Chromium browser bugs. I’m still trying to work out a work around.

You can report bugs here, or if you have a github account in the elk-herd-project repo.

It’s free: Enjoy, have fun, make music.
And if you like it, buy me a beer!


Very cool! I pulled the trigger in a Digitakt just a week ago and the wealth of information and stuff like this is just awesome, its a like a turbo button for my workflow and creativity :slight_smile:


Brilliant, thanks Mark for all your hard work on this. I for one see this as a massive step up in terms of how I use and see the Digi. Makes a massive difference. Now if you could only setup a crowdfund to buy you a Digitone and do something similar, my life would be complete :wink:


If you buy him around 150 beers… that’s about 1 Digitone!


@mzero wows the community once again :rocket:

So grateful for all your hard work!


You Sir are awesome :+1:


Thanks for all the hard work good sir.

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Awesome work! Will you make it work with model:samples one day?

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Model:Samples? Project management for other Elektron boxes? All possible, though will have to wait until at least I have devices to work with!


I’ve had success with Elk-Herd and Model:Samples for sample transfers and file management. It’s very helpful - thank you for all your work!


That’s awesome news!

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thank you so much !

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Congrats on the official release!
You are a live (set) saver. :slight_smile:


This is incredible - allows me to take stock of three years worth of half-done loops scattered in projects all over my DT! :expressionless:

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Elektron, just give this bloke a job already so we can get proper sample and project management for the Analog & Digi machines.


Hey @mzero awesome job!
Tried it yesterday for a little bit, and it worked like a charm. Would have saved me 2 days of tedious work a while ago.

I like the layout overview, no more scribbling down and losing track of my notes

Tried to dld The offline (paranoid) package, but the link doesn’t seem to work :frowning:
(whenever working on personal stuff gfx/audio i tend to unplug the internet so… )

I’ll be happy to buy you a beer, six pack even :wink:

Would be nice if there was another (micro management) function/tab on selecting a PTN that would show the 8 TRKs + functionality of drag/drop rearranging and maybe even construct a new PTN on the fly.

Would it be possible to add preview buttons in a future update?
(sending midi commands to the DT for playback of parts, like in front of the PTNs (preview whole pattern) TRKs (individual previewing, soloing)


Whoops! Download URL for offline version fixed: https://electric.kitchen/crunch/elk-herd-live.tgz


Thank you so much for sharing an offline version. But I can’t get it to work, are there requirements to run it? I’m using Chromium on Catalina and the online version works but I can’t get the offline one to work in the same browser.

Tried dragging the index.html in to a new tab and tried putting the files on my local lighttpd server. There are no errors or warnings in my lighttpd logs and it appears to load more than when I dragged it, it only loaded the top part when dragging. Pictures can explain it much betetr than I can; https://imgur.com/a/fmXPtkr

Order is; online, dragged, locally hosted.

Thanks again for your hard work!


I’m all about this because all my album tracks are spread out in dif projects !

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