Elk-herd 3.0 beta: Project Import at last!

One month after I owned my Digitakt I had projects full of patterns - and I wanted to assemble a project for a live set from them: But there is no easy way to do that: Copying patterns is very tedious, and error prone, finding duplicate sounds, or unused samples nearly impossible. — Two years later, my machine is even more full…

Now you can do it all!

Announcing the beta 1 release of elk-herd 3.0!

elk-herd 3.0 beta 1: https://electric.kitchen/crunch/elk-herd/beta/

The big new feature is Project Import which let’s you pick patterns, sample slots, and sounds from one project and import them into another.

  • You can just pick the patterns you want. Any needed sample slots and sound pool items will be imported as well.
  • If sample slots or sound pool items already exist in the destination project, they’ll be used (so no wasted space with duplicates).

This release also includes help which launches as a separate page so you can keep it open and refer to it. Check it out and learn all about phantom items :ghost: there…

Known Issues

  • Be aware of LFO Dest set to Sample Slot (in the track or plock’d): If you rearrange the sample pool, you have to know which samples need to be kept next to each other.
  • There are still problems with using elk-herd on Linux due to known Chromium browser bugs. I’m still trying to work out a work around.

You can report bugs here, or if you have a github account in the elk-herd-project repo.


Demonstration of project import:

Short manual for other features:

It’s free: Enjoy, have fun, make music.
And if you like it, buy me a beer!


Hell yeah
Thanks again @mzero
Nice music for the new vid!

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Something like this is desperately needed for patch management on the A4
This is really great by the way!


This is going to be very useful when I find time to make a solid stream of music again. Thanks for your hard work!

I’m just going to ask…
What’s the Elk-herd name all about(I like it, just curious)?


I was just riffing on the letters of “elektron” and it’s a herd 'cause it herds your instruments… and elk are cool… also I hate acronyms!


Love it!!

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Cool! It makes sense :slight_smile: . I also think Elk are sweet!

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I fully agree

MZERO for the win!


Perfect timing as well because I need to rearrange all patterns in my live set, in two digitakts before my gigs this week. Huge time saver. Thank you!

it also copies sampleas that are just lockedto a step?



as usual, fanstastic update :slight_smile:

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Do you prefer digitakt or rytm for live set?

I thought Rytm was more powerful, no?

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Yes. Sample and sound plocks are managed, including the sample pool and sound pool items in the import.

Let me know how the pre-gig rearrangement goes. Please save all your projects as files before importing… There is still no undo.


Wow! You just made digtakt actually in to an grown up istrument :muscle::muscle: thank you so much!


Cheers, that’s great.

Will do. I always save copies and backup like my life depends on it anyway ;). Will report back.

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Hi, I’m getting ‘Fetching project from Digitakt, could not load the project:
Project dump does not have all the patterns.’ on first try of Project>Fetch Project. Any advice?

I’ve only seen this happen on Linux. It means that some of the data was dropped.

Can DM me details of your set (OS, connection, etc…)

Also, look at the setting of Settings > MIDI Config > Output To - try it both set to USB and MIDI+USB.

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Digitakt workflow is so quick so I prefer it. It also has the 8 midi tracks which I use to control some extra stuff on the digitones…:slight_smile: rytm is cool as well though

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It seems like just yesterday you unveiled 2.0.

Excellent work, fellow elektronaut. Very cool of you to make this and share it with the forum. Once I dive deeper into this, I’ll very gladly buy you a beer.

Thanks again!


Hiya @mzero

Just wondered if there is any error checking for amount of samples used / sample space / sound slots and all that stuff ? Once patterns have been combined into mega project ?


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