Update: 3.0 has been released: Elk-Herd 3.0

I’m super happy to announce the 1.0 release of crunch/digitakt-manager - a web app for your Digitakt. Now with editing!

Announcing 2.0, renamed crunch/elk-herd and supports Rytm mkII as well!
Update: Elk-herd 3 sneak peek

Yup - that is drag-n-drop sample reorganization right there!

  • Scan you +Drive
  • Transfer samples to… and from… your device
  • Rename files and directories
  • Reorganize them with drag-n-drop
  • Create directories
  • Delete whole trees easily

_Yes, similar to what Transfer 1.1 does, but a different take on organization - you may find it more to your liking.

Want to use it?

  • Nothing to install! Runs in any browser with WebMIDI… which is only Chrome! So run that.

  • Hook up your Digitakt - USB connection, or via DIN MIDI and your MIDI interface. Turn it on.

  • Navigate to:

  • When you load the app, the browser will ask your permission for the app to use MIDI, click Allow:

  • Then just follow the big blue buttons in the app to get it set up and scan your +Drive.


  • Mark



Wow! Great job! Buy this guy a :beer: !

Even better because i see you used Elm to create it :smile:
If you don’t mind asking, how was the dev experience ?


Elm is a blast to code in. I could do major refactorings with easy thanks to the strong type system. Getting WebMIDI integrated took some doing, but once that was done… it was pretty lovely. I do confess, I have several years of Haskell under my belt, so functional is natural to me by now.


Just to say: I volunteered to help test the 0.9 version the other week and it worked like a charm, made it an absolute breeze to reorganise and rename a bunch of samples and folders. Really worth checking out, huge props to @mzero for giving up his time to create it.


@mzero is a certified wizard. This is incredible.


Shout out to the beta testers who helped me test this: @ehg, @forsh, @jefones, @peter, @re5et. & @soundklinik! Thank you!!!


i dont own a digitakt, but shouts out to mzero for doing this for the community. cool stuff


Don’t own a DT so not up to speed with its included software. Limitations etc.
Is this sort of what people have wanted Elektron to release?

Before now you could use software to load samples, but organising / renaming / deleting them had to be done direct from the DT, which was really fiddly & annoying (e.g. you couldn’t delete a folder until every individual sample in it had been deleted one-by-one).

Elektron said Overbridge would include sample management / librarian functions, so I assume there may be some duplication, but this is lightweight, simple and exists now rather than in Feb / some later date.


Looks awesome! :smiley:

A small question before i set out to make some order in the mess. If i move samples around between folders will they be found when i load projects using those samples?


Sounds like great work mate :thup:

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Amazing. Thank you

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Awesome job. Thanks a lot.

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Genius. @Elektron, give this man a job.


Very nice!
Thanks so much!!!

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Does this work on chrome ios (via camera connection kit)?

Awesome work, thank you!

Would it be possible to check out your source and run this locally without an internet connection? I don’t think it needs a database and such right? Just nginx+php will do?

very nice sir!

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Super cool! Thanks for your effort!

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