Midi Processors with Octatrack

Hi. What do you do (or want to do) with your midi processors ?

I have Yamaha MEP4 and Roland A880 since 15 years, Event Processor Plus, Midipal, RK002, IConnectMidi2, Goliath. I’d like to have a Bomebox.

Possible to :

  • Trigger slices with midi Notes
  • Map crossfader CC48 to any midi message.
  • Map Control Changes or Notes to Program Changes
  • Map Notes to Comb Filter Notes
  • Make OT polyphonic
  • Change patterns on the fly sending a PC/Start/Stop. It can be a Note or CC
  • Control Arranger song position with notes
  • Change 2 scenes with 1 scene button
  • Change scenes with the crossfader depending on its position (check video below)

So did you use it ?

i haven’t actually used them with the Octatrack but I have a MIDI
pal that I use all the time, one of the best purchases I’ve made. there’s also a Rocktron 6 in/8 out MIDI patch bay I forget the model of that I use for routing, but it also has two assignable MIDI processors available, with a lot of basic stuff like MIDI echo and so.e filtering and I think it can split different ranges of notes to different channels, but nothing exotic. it’s a relatively cheap way to get some MIDI processing and a solid patchbay/router if you can find one.


Didn’t know that one ! I have Roland A880 8x8 as midipatch, merge, filtering…
How do you use Midipal ? It can be used for 8 voices Polyphony with 0T.

If I got a BomeBox I’d use it all the time.

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I actually mostly use the MIDIpal with other gear rather than the OT. Mainly for filtering, MIDI echo and the arpeggiator. I haven’t needed it in my Octatrack workflow yet.

I’m thinking about building a MIDIgal soon so that I can run the clock analysis/itter removal firmware for trackign stuff out to DAW. It should work really well, but it won’t run on an original MIDIpal

I checked and the patchbay is actually a Voodoo Labs MX-8, not Rocktron (although I could have sworn both brands were owned by the same company).

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Even if nobody cares about that topic I’m happy to announce that now I can recall 2 scenes at the same time with one scene button! :loopy:

Basic example : pitch +12 on both scenes while modulating filter. You can make several transpositions on the fly pressing scenes A while mangling other parameters.

8 x 2 scenes, enough for me.
Principle : midi loopback, when I change Scene A, OT sends CC55, values 0-15. I use EPPlus to trigger CC56 values 0-7 when I press scene A 9-16 (CC55 values 8-15).


Wait, can you actually send a midi note to change scene selections? If so, that would be nuts for that live guitar performance thing you demonstrated with a midi foot pedal


Yep! I can even record with midi tracks all scenes changes and crossfader movements. :tongue:

Can’t wait to control crossfader with the foot pedal !

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I was super inspired by your guitar performance! That is like one thing that you can ONLY do with the Octatrack and would actually make for cool performative element- so I definitely want to poke around with that technique.

The notion of being able to do that with a foot pedal. So cool.

Thanks for the heads up!

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About using a midi processor to map crossfader CC48 to any midi midi message.

That’s not a problem. If mapped, only the new message can pass through, depending on the midi processor you use. Easy to filter events.

Did you check @guga’s Goliath?

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@sezare56 aka mad OT scientist and photoshop wizard, thanks for this thread. will link this thread to one of my guitar playing OT friends


I use my Nord G2 as best friend with my OT.
And the G2 can be used as a flexible midi processor if you want.

What i use often is using the OT crossfader (CC48) to control a morph-group in the G2 (so i can change all kinds of parameters in the G2 with the crossfader). I even made it so that the G2 reacts on Scene changes and i can set (in the G2) on wich scenes the crossfaders works or not.

Also i did this: OT as Polyphonic sampler (8 voices) with Nord G2


Interesting! Midipal does poly too. Retrokit rk002 too.

These poly options are nice indeed.

The G2 is a modular for synths/FX but also for midi. A swiss army knife for music :wink:

You set it up with a computer?

You program a G2 patch indeed with a computer (USB), but after that you can disconnect it and use all the patches you have in the synth standalone.

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Good one!
I made the scenes change depending on crossfader position! :slight_smile:

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Even better! Need a head with scene changes to grasp the possibilities here :wink:

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Explain how do you make poly first ! :wink:

Wrong quality example, but it gives an idea : you can see scenes change depending on crossfader at the beginning and at 1mn. Huge possibilities.