Midi Processors with Octatrack


Indeed! Wow! Nice lightshow with the trigleds.

(I need some extra lives just to explore all te possibilities, or find a way to make a living of it…)


So how do you make poly? :wink:


See here: OT as Polyphonic sampler (8 voices) with Nord G2


This is a really interesting topic. What would you advise as a one stop box for this? I haven’t done this before , but the more i watch and read about it , its something i want to get into!
I don’t mind getting my hands dirty with programming as i originally trained up to be a software engineer.


Hard to tell.
I find Event Processor very logical, easiest for me. Some limitations.
Rk002 is cheap can be programmed with arduino language, some things to install. An easier interface would be nice. Check RK004 and RK005 too.
Midipal needs online application, I can’t stand this (maybe possible to download the online web).
IConnectMidi4 is very limited but it is USB to midi, merger, dispatcher, Ipad things…
Axoloti is very interesting, synth, sampler…
Bomebox seems really good, many rules options I think I’ll buy it one day.
MEP4 is cheap, 100% hardware, but it’s incredibly huge for what it does.

I’d check Event Processor Plus and Bomebox at first.


For sure the G2 is not a one stop box. But if you can find one: it’s a faboulous machine, that can replace a lot of other stuff.


I think Bome box seems the most interesting. However i wish there was one that could mod multiple synths at the same time. or is that still possible?


If you just want to toy around a bit you can download the trial version of


That’s the same software which runs on the Bomebox, but usable on a normal computer. The only restriction of the trial version is a 30 minute timeout, so you have to restart it every 30 minutes. Quite useful to try some ideas before buying and see how it works out.


And the Bomebox software can handle as much MIDI channels/devices as you want. There are no restrictions. IMHO it’s really the most sophisticated solution (at least when you can program).


Yeah bomebox seems the most advanced, with a good editing software. You have to get used to “rules” (conditions). But it seems logical.
Probably my next one. Seems easier than EPPlus to create variables to set on / off or modify your scripts without computer.

Retrokits Rk002 can be really advanced in programming, but you have to write and understand language.


Oi! Anywere to read or watch a video about this, u know? Im scared by this loopback stuff, tried with the DT and all kinds of bad weirdness went down…again, thank you!


About poly? Same principle as DT. Notes of a chord are split with different channels.

Midi loopback is pretty safe with OT.
If a midi track shares an audio track channel, the midi track can’t receive midi and the audio track can’t send midi.

With DT from I read midi loopback it’s doable, if you don’t use double stop. A script is done for poly with RK002 and DT.


Answering here. :wink:
Did you already to programmed the RK002?

This is just an idea I had answering you to differentiate midi informations for each audio track from a single midi track : using notes 36-43, you can map each note velocity to a CC with a different midi channel, and 1 (2 or 3) lfo depth.
In that case, audio tracks have different channels.

Many possibilities!
You can map other notes velocities.

You can map certain CC number range to certain midi channels :
CC 16-23 channel 1 > mapped to 8 x CC16 (Pitch), with channel 1-8

You can map a specific CC value ranges.
Ex with pitch CC16 channel 1, chromatic values Octave 1 :
Values 0-11 mapped to values 0-60 CC16 channel 1
Values 12-23 mapped to values 0-60, CC16 channel 2


But does it sound particulary different than a crossfader in the middle of two AandB scenes ?
I think time again I miss something !
I practiced a lot of your tricks but everymonth you find new things to do with this machine :space_invader::robot:


Easy for you to set a pitch in the middle position? Not for me. :slight_smile:
The purpose is to set constant values, and modulated ones.
Same exemple with same pitch +12 for scenes A2 and B2. Different filter settings.
It let you modulate the filter, jump to 1 octave up, without modulating the pitch.
Go back to A1 B1 for normal pitch.