OctaEdit - Octatrack Software Editor and Librarian [ OSX / Windows ]

What is it?

OctaEdit is an independently developed standalone software editor for the Elektron Octatrack DPS-1; it provides a number of integrated modules to control various aspects of Sets, Projects, Samples and so on.

What is a Module?

OctaEdit has been built in a modular fashion, where each “module” has been created to handle one or more specific set of requirements.

Depending on the module in question, each module can interact with one or more of the other modules in OctaEdit. For example, the Samples module interacts with the Audio Pool, Chainer and Analytics modules.

What Modules are currently available?

The Project module allows the ability to manage all aspects of a Project.

The Samples module allows the ability to manage samples within a Project, add new samples form the Audio Pool or Chainer modules, or from the file system.

The Sequencer module handles every aspect of the Sequencer, and then some…

The Audio Pool module allows access to all samples within a Set’s Audio Pool for easy integration with the Samples and Chainer modules, or the file system.

The Chainer module allows the ability to create ‘Sample Chains’ by merging up to 64 audio files. The resultant audio file can then be imported directly into a Project, and played back via slice points.

The Manager module provides the ability to copy “data” from the Source Set/Project to the Target Set/Project. Data can be copied at the Project, Bank, Pattern, Track, Part or Scene level, from any Project in any Set to any other Project in any other Set, including the ability to remap sample assignments on the fly.

Basically, copy anything from anywhere to anywhere.

The Arp Designer module which allows the ability to create Arp Designs which can then be applied to the Sequencer module, or saved in the Library.

The LFO Designer module which allows the ability to create LFO Designs which can then be applied to the Sequencer module, or saved in the Library.

The Library module which allows the ability to read and write various entries or presets throughout OctaEdit.

Entries are essentially presets relating to various items in a Project, e.g. Project Midi Channels, Machine Setups or LFO Designs for example.

The Library is basically a preset manager on steriods. Save anything from anywhere to the Library, and vice versa use a Library entry anywhere.

Additionally Library entries can be imported/exported and shared with other OctaEdit users, a section of the OctaEdit forums have been provided for such community sharing.

The Analytics module is a multi purpose reporting and analysis module, which provides results from the analysis engine, and is integrated with OctaEdit’s other modules.

The Options module handles end user customisation, OctaEdit’s behaviour, system options and so forth.


OctaEdit - Octatrack Software Editor




I don’t have an Octatrack but have teh codes for doing this sort of stuff with A4 & MD.
works quite well. but it’s all done in ObjC using Cocoa libs… so no Windows.

maybe we can somehow join forces anyway lol?

anyway I have a feeling that this sort of stuff is super-super-niche fringey…
conservatively, I’d guess there’s maybe something like 500-1000 people who would use such software. Maybe much less!
how many of these would back a kickstarter?

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I’ve (successfully) done Kickstarter before, don’t underestimate the organizational overhead, fees, taxes, etc… it rarely pays out and you have to reach out ot a large audience beyond the people you find here on this forum. Do some stats/research before and calculate your costs as conservatively as possible. Even with an agile approach: double the time you think it will take you to get this thing finished.

Yes, maybe it would be best to team up with others, but not too much people to cover a broader set of gear. E.g. include the A4, MD, MM to gain more support. Reduce you goals to a shared feature-set. E.g. manage projects/Drive+ etc… then carefully add features that can be done easily. Don’t promise too much, but find out about the core needs and the unique selling point of your tool.

Also you need to do this on a dev-framework that supports easy cross-platform deployment. Windows only or Mac only will be a deal breaker for at least half of potential users (? you’d need at least stats from this forum to get an estimate of the preferred OS for Elektronauts)

Otherwise I think it’s an excellent idea, but last not least keep in mind: your idea relies on a proprietary platform. That platform might change any time in the future breaking your tool. Your plan might also interfere with business plans Elektron might have by themselves, so you’d be well advised to do this with their official consent as you’d need their support to advertise your tool. (trademark rights etc.) Don’t know where you’re from, but also keep in mind Elektron is a european company and certain laws are a bit different there than e.g. in the states.

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if OSX is a stretch goal, i would sadly be out until that became a reality.

that being said, i really like this idea and find that it would be really helpful.


Great idea for sure. I would happily support it also but it would have to be OSX for me.


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I do design and web development. Feel free to send me a PM if you’d like any assistance with UI stuff. Looking forward to checking this out!

Can’t comment on the A4, as I haven’t played around with stuff for it, but I think some of the elements of the other machines, i.e. MD and MM are relatively easier as it “just” SysEx. Doesn’t mean it’s easy, but I think the Octatrack is a comparitvely more complicated machine thanks to it’s convulted file strucutres and heirarchies.

Don’t take that the wrong way, appreciate the offer and definitely something to bear in mind.

Enough? Else it wouldn’t happen.

I have no idea of how many Octatracks Elektron have shipped, nor how many users would want/need such a tool… but the idea behind doing a kickstarter is outlined above, I don’t do “social media”; and am only active on a few forums, so the kickstarter would be like an advertising tool, and get people to put their money where their mouth is, whilst giving them that peace of mind / security / credibility.

What I’m not exactly prepared to do is invest a significant amount of time, resources and effort, which frankly I don’t have at the moment, without firm commitment or understanding the target market.

Windows/OSX would be the plan, start from a C++ base for easier multi platform development and deployment.

Cool, I will bear that in mind. Graphics / UI is not my forte!

Feel free to pm your projects if thats cool, wouldn’t mind having a look, never done (or contemplated) a Kickstarter before, no issues if you’d rather not share.

Well, I have contemplated, but I don’t think doing a Kickstarter from some ERP software would get many pledges from you guys… :neutral_face:

Whilst looking at the kickstarter path, the thinking is that the trade off in fees et al to do so, is counter balanced by the security and credibility of using kickstarter.

Additionally provides a good barometer of how many people are seriously interested in it, and provides a centralised hub, beyond the scope of individual forums like this to advertise and communicate, and as I don’t do “social media”; other peeps can plaster your bookfaces and so on to get more attention if need be.

Of course, in saying that, I mean, people can just send me money if they want (pm me for details) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Some good points there, and much appreciated. I think the project management aspect, deliverables etc would be the least of my concerns, spent a lifetime doing such work, so yeah, always budgt for four times as much, under promise and over deliver.

C++ with Juce

The i[/i] changing OS of the Octatrack is definitely a concern, and something that I have already contemplated / would factor in to any project requirements / profitibility, to allow the ongoing support / upgrade path.

Can’t comment on Elektron’s position, though have been in communication with them, aside from the fact that they have had 2.5 years to do something themselves, which a lot of people have been asking for, and have chosen not to do, though I will get in touch with them again to discuss plans… naturally it would make perfect sense to get offical word from them on their position.

would very much use such a tool if its on OSX.

although i understand that there’s a lot of time to be put into such a project, i somehow get a little bit discouraged by community projects that go after payment. maybe just my stupid indie attitude… perhaps depending on what kickstarter pledges you are planning to offer.

speaking of OS updates, i think it might be best way to work together with elektron if somehow possible. with this overbridge thing coming up, i just can’t imagine they don’t have something in mind for the octatrack too. and as we learned from A4 +drive etc - they like to keep quiet in first place only to surprise us afterwards.

Oops I think I mixed up the sample manager and the software editor.
Need the software editor!!!
OSX please, copying your best banks(songs) to one project is something the Octa needs big time!

Oh yes, and would pay money. I think 50$ is reasonable.
Also, would beta test! I spend a lot of time on the Octa these days.

Hi Rusty

If it´s any interest and maybe I already wrote it somewhere, But this is the only thing I think the Octatrack misses and I´m willing to pay for this, say up to 100€ if you get it on the Osx platform.

So if you do a kickstarter or other, count me in and taaaake my money!

Since you are doing c++ why don’t you use Qt to build for multiple platforms?

Why not round up some developers here make it open source use git and share the effort?

Just some suggestion questions.
I don’t think it’s worth doing kickstarter either. Get donations.

About kickstarter, I say, do it!.
How much do you think you would need to raise to make this a possibility?
Would be excited to give you my money!

I’d fully support a kickstarter for this as long as OSX is on the cards

Yeah, good on you Rusty ! I’m in for OSX…

would def pay a fair amount if you can work out a way to manage banks and sample assignments between projects.

Hi Rusty,

sounds amazing.
Mac OSX too here.

Would be up for supporting this! (Another osx user)

Yup! The more I think about it the more I would pay lol.