OctaEdit - Octatrack Software Editor and Librarian [ OSX / Windows ]

same here. :slight_smile: osx.

Count me in as well if you do a Kickstarter. OSX here.

OSX here.

Would happilly pay for it!

I think this is a very good idea.

I would be very careful in designing the UI, because that is the whole (or much of it) point, to simplify the task of sample admin and make it easier to overview.

Maybe it would be wise to check with the Elektrons, themselves if they are working on this (though they might not tell, since they are of the mysterious kind :wink: )

I’m on OSX too. I would support you on Kickstarter.

Happy to pay

Well, if it’s any consolation I’m not a big fan of kickstarters either.

Fact of the matter is that it is a lot of work, and I can do that, but I am not prepared to go off and make a significant investment in time, money and resources on the basis of potential sales, in a niche target market, based on posts on a forum board(s).

My time, skill and expertise is much better invested in other ways, that provide a better RoI with which to feed my cats.

I believe I outlined why a kickstarter might be a good idea in the OP; as much as I am not a fan of them for similiar reasons to you, I have never backed one myself, in my case it’s paying for / receiving money for goods yet to materialise, but it seems like the good middle ground to minimise my risk (develop and sell later) and minimising everyone elses risk (donations in advance / no guarentees)

Also ensures that there exists the market traction to justify the development effort, as peole have pledged.

I have been in communication with Elektron a number of times regarding the sample editor, and the software editor, but they haven’t always been the most forthcoming, and have basically stated they have no plans, and they haven’t taken any action despite numerous requests for 2.5 years since the OT was released.

Prior to going off down this path I will be chasing “official” assurances from Elektron that they have no plans to build a sfotware editor, and would ideally get their blessing to move forward.

Maybe they should hire you as a freelancer to create an official OT Sample Manager, with you getting the info you need from HQ - kill two birds with one stone, so to speak…just a thought (for Elektron)

This guns for hire…

Was thinking exactly the same thing…Elektron ?

C’mon guys let get behind this! Everyone wanting OS updates to cure their ills - this bad boy if fully implanted will make the OT an absolute joy to use. Look over the features of the fully specced editor and probably half of the “how do I do? Or why can’t i?” Threads will disappear and there will be tumbleweed in the forums because everyone will be at their OTs!

We gotta support this people! Get behind it! Contact rusty give him encouragement - get in contact with elektron and get them to stamp it!

You want TOTAL control of your OT and really really get to drive it…
This is pretty much overbridge for the OT


What was the latest word from Jon?

He was happy to provide the full file structure once they had documented it - which is the issue, they don’t have anything to give rusty because apparently it’s not written anywhere… So he gave me a timeframe of approx 2 months and that was about 2 weeks ago.
BUT - rusty has reverese-engineered the file structure anyway so elektron aren’t really needed, and rusty can chime in - I believe it’s going to be a lot of work so obviously he’s busy so to make time for this he needs to be compensated.
I personally would pay up to $100.
I’m not sure if elektron magically came up with the documentation what kind of time saving that would be.
Most of all make some noise about it. Really this is overbridge for the OT - well the best we are going to get

I was just thinking : there is no reason that elektron would have any issue with this at all and could even officially endorse it and sell it via their online store
Moog, DSI - well they’re the only ones I can think of off the top of my head but they have both officially endorsed 3rd party editors for their synths so it’s common business practise.

I can’t see why they wouldn’t whole heartedly embrace this project and also any future developement.

But we have to get behind it…

Rusty was up coding till 2am on Saturday night, sad, no? :thinking:

Any additional information from Elektron would most definitely be beneficial…

Don’t want to say too much, nor get people too excited, managing expectations and all that jazz, but I have done a lot of work already, and have done some pretty nifty stuff, which I think would get people excited, but there is still an aweful lot to do.

Thanks so much for the hard work Rusty. The Octanauts thank you!

I’m on OSX as well and would be happy to pay around 50$.

It would be really nice to have this editor!

Yes, keep it up Rusty boy. I really need this in my work flow and cant understand that Elektron hasn´t made this already. I´ll support with € for osx

Count me as another OSX user who will pay real money for an editor.

as a personal protest, and its all I can do

I will not be purchasing any further elektron instruments till they get the

octa sorted, either by their own update or by providing the info and support

to rusty, preferably BOTH

I would like to buy an ar but don’t need it so at this point I wont

Viva la revolucion?

But seriously, Elektron can choose what they do or don’t want to do.

Me? I’m not overly stressed… I’m rocking and rolling… :alien: