Load multiple sample slots

Is there any way to load several sample slots with samples from the audio pool (doesn’t matter if static or flex) at once? Like marking a list of samples and move them to the slots, instead of doing it one by one… Would be such a time saver

But OctaEdit can do this and alot more…

Have fun!

you want to load a whole kit of samples right?

possible workaround (not tried): create a template project. Select bank 16/pattern1 and sample lock your kit elements 16x16 on the 8 tracks. That’s 128 samples! Do the same in pattern2 if you want 256 samples. Then copy the 16 samples or less kit by pressing SCALE+COPY. And paste it in a pattern of your song bank (bank 1?) Boom you have your 16 samples at te same time.

If you want to drop 8 new samples in the 8 flex/static machines at the same time, it’s the purpose of Parts switching. You can’t do that within the same part. On how to execute musical transitions between 2 parts, check Merlin’s guide to the octatrack.

Thanks for the recommendations.
I already have an eye on octa edit. Looks great.
and I see what you mean rozzbud, but I don’t want to sample lock a kit, I’m just looking for the fastest way to fill the 128 static sample slots. On the A4 you can mark several synth presets simultaneously and copy them to the soundpool for example.