Octatrack / A4 - Bank organizer / library / Editor for computer

Any word on this?
Very interested please

Currently the new build is in Alpha testing. This is in C#, and should allow easier translation across to OSX.

Until / when they do this, I won’t be attempting to decrypt those files. This means that I won’t be extending the functionality to manage Banks / Patterns.

Please also bear in mind I am very busy with other things at the moment, so development / testing time is quite limited for me, but it is nearly ready for Beta testing.

I’ve spent a bit of time trying toget some info out of Elektron regarding the Arrangement / Bank files, but they are unwilling or unable to provide any information to me.

So I’ve given up trying to chase that down :neutral_face:

Thank you so much for your hard work!
That is too bad about the continued non-support from HQ.
I was hoping joshejosh had made some headway with this.
I am down to beta for you if need be.
Would gladly pay for the finished product. And I def understand being busy.

I have also had conversations with Jon from elektron and they have since changed their mind and will make the code available but as rusty said they don’t have it documented. I find this really difficult to grasp as the file structure was built by them so I think they might be being quite cheeky when they say they don’t have it documented. Well they do in so much as they’ve written an os based off that code for that part of the os so it’s not documented can mean anything really it seems to me. So do we start a petition? When you have a user (rusty) who has a program ready to roll and that EVERY octatrack owner wants and new users really need so not to provide that information is crap in my book.
Given its code we are probably talking about a couple if lines of data - it does not end here.

Yeah if you all think a petition or whatever would help get HQ’s attention.
This seems like such a good idea, and as been stated, Rusty and others have already done some of the hard work.
Especially since we OCtatrackers were left out of the Overbridge I feel they should throw us a bone.
I had considered they might be reluctant because either they were working on something similar, OR just we’re not interested in doing ANYTHING software related.
Now I don’t think either of those are the case.

So, yeah.
I WANT a sample manager.


Rusty, why not publish your code on github for example. I could, and other too, have a look and get involve in the building of the app ?

Because I hate github with a passion? :joy:

Problem is not with my code, problem is with my time and Elektron’s wishy washy answers regarding file formats. The app is pretty more or less good to go beta.

Ok i understand. But that’s the point. If you don’t have time, maybe we could create a small community of developers around your work. Some other may have the time.

What do you think ?

Fair enough, there are other repositories out there. Bitbucket is what we use at my company. It’s quite good. Or… maybe the issue is with OSS licensing, which is also fair. It’s your project after all. :slight_smile:

As I mentioned earlier: I would participate in an OSS project if there was one, and if there isn’t, I would probably make my own if I find the time (and the specs for the file formats, of course).

The one thing that I want to do is to set up banks / patterns that are lined up across all my Elektrons. That can be done with a little C6/Sysex elbow grease with the MD/MNM with ‘receive pattern+kit to location’. The OT… eh… not so much. The A4… I think also… not so much.

It would be really cool to be able to re-organize patterns from different snapshots/projects on the different machines into one big snapshot/project for a live set. That might be a bit of a stretch.

Elektron with do it if you wont.

That was almost a haiku - what did you actually mean?

oh man, can’t wait to beta test. just want to re-arrange my live now, getting tighter and tighter towards summer. give me a shout when it’s time!

big up ;)!

I think being able to incorporate MD/MM interfacing could be an interesting dicsussion point, or may be better suited for a seperate app, and potential super app in the future if the OT/A4 data ever occurs / becomes available?

If Elektron gave a flying fuck they would have done something by now, or be more forthcoming about the file formats, or provided a proper SysEx implementation for the Octatrack.

The fact that it is pushing two and a half years old now, they haven’t done any of the above, and is still arguably not a mature product/OS speaks volumes.

Possible, but IMO unlikely. Not exactly an app for commercial gain. Just scratching an itch.

I think being able to incorporate MD/MM interfacing could be an interesting dicsussion point, or may be better suited for a seperate app, and potential super app in the future if the OT/A4 data ever occurs / becomes available?
Something like that, yes. Are the MD / MNM Sysex formats somewhere? If so, maybe I could start with that.

As someone said elsewhere, with Overbridge Elektron have proved that they are happy and able to devote resources to developing software solutions to improve the performance and integration of their hardware.

With that in mind I too remain baffled as to why they

a) haven’t come up with some sort of project management software themselves, not only for the OT but as a central organizing brain for planning complex sets where any number from one to all of their boxes are in play.


b) don’t do everything they can to help others keen to fill the hole off their own bat

i’d pay for it , whoever comes up with it, and i’d guess that’s true for the vast majority of users.

Thanks Rusty , Dogma , josh and others for continuing to push on this…

Maybe it’s because I’ve had to document internal file formats before (it’s a lot of work), but I do understand Elektron putting this at a low priority. It’ll be great if they publish it, but if not… Oh well. My last email conversation with them seemed to indicate that they were open to it.
I really would love to be able to drag n drop patterns from various snapshots into a super project across multiple machines! Imagine how easy it would be to put together a live set like that? :slight_smile:

I’m not saying there’s not work involved. I can understand why they view the documenting of internal file formats as low priority if they are simply to make them available to you guys with the programming chops. They could view it for example that there is nothing in it for them.

I would have thought though that a proper, sensibly - priced Elektron produced editor would sell very well and, with no manufacturing and distribution costs to defray, the profit margin would be attractive, whereas equally a user- created one would increase the happiness of their current and future user-base…and that in itself has to be good for them too. No ?

Am I misunderstanding ?

Any news? :wink:

I’ve built a proof of concept Software Editor that allows the ability to read, edit and write pattern data… pattern, triggers and parameter locks…

Toying with the idea about making a full-blown version, refer to the linked thread.