Copy/Import patterns + samples from other project

Is it possible to copy/import patterns with there associated samples from one project into another?

For example, I have setup a specific click track which has some intricate programming and sample use in one project - can I import that into another project?

Yes it’s possible.
Copy / paste pattern
Copy / paste part
Load samples in corresponding slots

The samples have to be in the same slots otherwise you have to reassign them.


Cool - it works! Thanks!
Saved me loads of time!

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For my understanding, you need to copy the pattern, change project, paste, then re-open the main project, copy parts, change project, paste… or is there a quicker way ?

Thats how I did it. Open a project, copy, open the other project, paste.

Faster way is to get octaedit!

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I’ve never tried but I believe @Open_Mike has mentioned more than a few times that you can copy the entire bank, which will include patterns and parts - have to muck around in project menu (‘save current bank’) and then use file manager to manually move the saved bank file(s) over to a different project, is not done using the typical copy/paste operation

from pg 34 OT manual


Yep… Works fine and grabs all 16 patterns and 4 parts of a bank, just not samples so you have to load those to appropriate slots. (I pretty much only use recorder buffers so I don’t even have to do that.)

You don’t even really need to save the bank first as banks have .work(active state) and .strd(saved state) files. You can just copy/paste the active bank state and that’s how it will load in whatever project you pasted it to.


-Sneaky trick-
You can copy just the saved state banks to a projectX and leave projextX’s active banks. When you load projectX it will load it’s active banks but by performing “reload bank” you load the saved one you copied over. Sort of doubling OTs banks per project… :slight_smile:


Me too! :smile:
Copy / paste bank is not practical with OT only, pretty easy with a computer.
Setting up the OT to perform live with

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I wonder if this work after you saved the project…:thinking:

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It’s not that bad on OT, you just open file manager copy/paste some stuff and load project. That’s how I did it, without a computer, didn’t take long at all. A ton less time than copy/pasting a ton of patterns and parts between projects…

Need to test more about reload project with that above mentioned sneaky trick scenario, I think it reloads to the saved state banks you copied over…

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Trickier if you want to replace a bank with a bank having a different number.
Project 1, bank 1 > Project 2, bank 2

Copy bank 1, paste in another folder without banks, rename it bank 2, copy it, delete Project 2 bank 2, paste bank 2 (former Project 1 bank 1).

Doable, but not practical.

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I think Project Save overwrite Bank Save, so you can’t reload it.

I never used Bank save, but Bank Reload can be usefull if you modified 2 banks, want to reload 1 but not the whole project.