What gear would you like to see elektron do next?

Personally Id like to see electrons take on an Maschine/MPC style 4x4 velocity sensitive pads based sampler/synth.

In my mind it would be.

Fully digital

8 track sequencer, one per pad bank. 8 pad banks per sequence IE: 16x8 samples per sequence)

16 pads each with velocity switching for samples, insert FX, retrig, lfo speed, etc

The ability to assign perf mode attributes to any pad in a bank so if you want the bottom 12 pads are layered samples and synths and the top 4 pads are RYTM style performance pressure pads

A simple decent quality digital subtractive synth along the lines of what you get in the new korg electribe.

Insert FX per pad but also a high quality global reverb & delay.

Thsi would be my ideal go to core of my machine. The only reason I dont think its something elektron would do is that it wouldn’t fit into their current casing format and for some reason they really love that shape :slight_smile:

What would you guys like to see?


I’d like to see a multitrack recorder/mixer. Kind of a portastudio done the Elektron way with a sequencer for automation and effect p-locks. It should also be an Overbridge Host, so that the AR/AK/A4 could be connected with just USB cables.


octatrack mk2

similar functionality
better filters and fx
better layout with full visual feedback and less menu diving
multi channel input from a4 and ar by using audio over usb


A bigger OP-1 with even bigger sounds and the same exquisite design. Or, the sounds of the A4 merged with the design of the OP-1.

Retain most of the portability of the OP-1, but make it a bit bigger to accommodate a 3-octave micro-keybed with aftertouch. Continue in the OP-1’s digital heritage to achieve meaningful polyphony at a svelte size, provide analog modeling and experiment with the boundless potential in the digital realm. And be battery-powered, for OP-1/Volca-like untethered, fun in the sun/sofa.

Some key members of Teenage Engineering worked at Elektron early on, on the Monomachine. Makes this dream a little less crazy, just fanciful.


A new series completely
More affordable
Out of the sequencer game probably

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Octatrack mkII with Overbridge support, touchscreen and overall reimagined UI.

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octatrack mkII with the analog filters of the AR and a better ui would be the amazing!




Turbo Portastudio/electribe kind of thing mentioned above could be cool.

Octatrack mk2 could be killer. Higher CPU specs, Polyphony, 8 outputs, more ram + multisampling ability (imagine being able to save/load up Kontakt quality pianos/pads/synths etc on a track…), lose the 64 step pattern length restriction. General os additions like updated fx/more dsp power, record note length etc etc. Drool…

Personally not really in to the idea of touchscreen, tho a colour screen with some op-1 vibe eye candy would be fun.

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I think the most you’re asking for the OT can be achieved with the original hardware (just ordered it, I hope I dont see an mk2 3 months later! :D).

I’d like to see a remix of all machines in just a 14 track machine, where each track can act as a sampler, digital synth, midi out, audio in… etc, and 2 tracks that can act as analog. And a better MIDI sequencer that we have currently in the OT, after all, that’s the reason why I picked the OT over the other Elektron Machines, MIDI Out.

edit: I dont mind if we have a machine like this fully digital, I have no need of analog components.

Something with 6 or more notes of polyphony would be welcomed. Also hopefully the analog boom is slowing down and we see the hybrid market open up a little more.

Also, there are hints of FM throughout the Elektron range, my long standing wish is for a dedicated machine! FM, PM or PD, I don’t mind :wink:

Octatrack MKII with pads, analog filters, analog distortion, analog compressor, performance and scene modes + 2 crossfaders, 3 FX per track.

Something like Octatrack with AR DNA on steroids :))

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the pads can be used for performance and scene modes, but also for scaled chromatics and step sequencer…
pads are 8 x 4 rows

Octatrack Mk2
8 ins + 8 outs (via 8 split TRS jacks)
Performance Mode knobs a’la Analog Four
Overbridge Support
USB 3.0


I was the first to say it a long while back but the Analog MIXR would be mint!


definitley that 8 track recorder/mixer thing
or better an octatrack x2/3 (16/24 tracks)

  • a lot of in/outs: audio,midi,usb,cv,overbridge…)
  • faders, sends, inserts, good display
    maybe 4 times as big as the regular elektron boxes ?

i would like to see them enter into a cheaper market. i don’t have any specific ideas, but i think they could come up with something creative in the $500 range. their high end gear already covers a huge amount of ground and it is boring to just create iterations.

…and a dedicated looper that combines the best functions of boss, ehx, pigtronix, boomerang, etc. loopers

Yes, a performance-oriented, mixer/sequencer with something equivalent to scenes, and at least 5 stereo inputs (to receive a stereo signal from each of the other Elektrons). Overbridge host is a nice idea although it might end up being awkward to manage the individual levels. And it would just cause Overbridge to eat even more development resources.

Though the mixer could be analog, I’m personally not particularly interested in any more analog machines.

I think the OT is fine how it is. There are now 2 drum-oriented synths and 2 more general synths, and a loop-oriented sampler. I don’t think a polyphonic sampler really gels with the Elektron aesthetic, but something different in the way the Octatrack is but more melody-oriented might be interesting.

Analog FX :slight_smile:

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