"Octatakt" dream sampler feature list

This didn’t get much love in /r/synthesizers, I guess it might be better received here:

I’d love a machine that combines the accessibility and immediacy of the DT with the depth of the OT. I’ve been thinking a bit about what I’d like to see in such a device and I’ve come up with the following:

  • Octatrack form factor
  • Digitakt display (oh, yes please!)
  • time-stretching samples
  • kits per pattern, at least as an option (no parts necessary)
  • mutes let the last trigged sound ring out like on the DT
  • 2 dedicated FX slots per sample track (as with the OT now), but:
  • 4 assignable return tracks for send FX
  • all current OT effects except for reverb, which could be replaced by the DT reverb
  • OT-like scenes and slider
  • 8 MIDI tracks (or 16) with MIDI editing like on the Digitone
  • thru track/live resampling implementation that an average human person can wrap their head around in a few minutes
  • Overbridge (!)

Bonus points for:

  • 16 sample tracks instead of 8
  • VST/AU support for the FX
  • while we’re at it, 6 (or hell, why not 8) sampling inputs

I’d easily pay over 2k for this thing, even without the VST support, which would probably be hard to pull off anyway, or the other bonus features.

Any thoughts? Did I miss anything? What would you like to see?

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