All In One Hardware Music Porduction Unit - idea

Hello, everybody!

What do you think about a device like Akai Force (standalone music production with mixing effects), but from Electron and to be compact?

The idea is to have All In One device (even digital, no need for analog) for music production, without a laptop and DAW.

Why? A personally do not want to use a computer for music production (I started music production on a computer about 20 years ago. Used FLStudio, Reason, Logic Pro, Bitwig - btw two of the last are my favorite, especially Bitwig). But for some reason I would like to have a standalone hardware music unit, like Akai Force, but compact and simple. Maybe like combining Digitone and Digitakt with some mixing and mastering effects (too much?) and…

What do you think… should we ask this from Electron?


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