Introducing Model:Samples

Somehow the Model:Samples make me think of the Akai S612 with Elektron sequencing.

Check this:

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this. more immediacy means you might (likely will) have different results. in a sampler, at least for me, that’s huge.


I’m disappointed, my wallet isn’t :]

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I had actually been looking to buy a SP-404A the last few days… Glad I held on to my money, to see what news came from NAMM. This is exactly what I need to expand on DT’s capabilities. Planning to stuff the MS full of drum samples and run it straight into Heat, and use DT/DN for more melodic and atmospheric stuff.


‘Will’ for sure!

Definitely the top selling point.

Not actually sampling is kind of anti-immediacy for me though, so there’s a weird kind of cancel-out going on

Dear Mr. Elektron

Next time, read this first:

What gear would you like to see elektron do next?


I very much doubt that the relatively few people registered and active here are representative of Elektron’s target demographic. I’m sure they have way smarter people than me (I don’t know about you) doing their market research. Elektronauts is just that - a filter bubble where everything resonates until it seems relevant.


This is exactly my plan with the M:S as well. With what the DT can do, I’m never a fan wasting a track on percussive sounds. Now I can just program the DT/DN to whatever sequence, and be playful on the M:S.

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I may sound like a smartass but it is not a knob-per-function interface as we know if i.e. from a Korg Monologue.
This machine has knob-per-function on voice/channel-basis with endless encoders and LED indicators.
It’s not as fast and immediate like classic knob-per-function interfaces but definitely faster and more immediate than a DT. :sunglasses:

edit: do the led indicators show automation in parameter changes? that would be another thing I’d wish for my entry level DT device

why would one pick M:S instead of second hand Digitakt? 399pounds vs 420-460pounds


I’m sure that’s true and they calculated everything as good as possible. I don’t know the numbers but i wouldn’t be suprised if the DT was Elekrtrons bestseller.
I’m just a little worried, because the name indicates the possibilty of a whole product line in this price segment.

I think this needs one more trick to really set it apart, like a sick tape or vintage 12-bit DAC emulation on the master or something.


Wait for the next OS updates…

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This forum, and the more “advanced” Elektron users, are like the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more people out there that will be interested in this. I was explaining it to my SO (who doesn’t make music), talking about the new knob per function direction, stripped down features, lower price point, etc …
“That sounds cool! I would buy that.”

And to me, that’s what it comes down to. There’s no reason Elektron can’t make products that appeal to a wide range of people, in fact I think it’s more commendable that they are doing it. The OT is still light years away from anything else, the A4 still sounds amazing, the Digitakt is still immediate and fun. A new box doesn’t take any of that away.

Plus, did you hear Simon’s track that he posted?? This is not a one trick pony. Instruments are played. I think we should focus more on playing than buying/acquiring.


They’re probably testing the waters now and are ready to relatively quickly branch out by reusing code from, for instance, Digitone.


Wake me up when launch Model:Granular



Why would you buy a second hand DT over this? It gets you quicker results is portable(cheaper than op-z) and will have great support from Elektron. I think the major newcomers to Elektron want the latest and so they should. Its a positive move and i think a good one.

I think Void has dissapeared off the face of the Earth - haven’t tried the app for a while, so not sure if it stil works wth the latest OS. Mehkohler who does the Collider app, should incorporate Strom-like features into Collider, to make a complete beast of an AR partner app.

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Seriously. I don’t regret my DT purchase at all, but I wish this was out when I decided to take my first dive into Elektron, as this was exactly what I was- and still am - looking for.