The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

Some feature requests. Add yours :slight_smile:

  • Limit sample amount to megabyte (64MB) instead of 128 fixed sample slots to allow more samples
  • Time stretching
  • Compress external input
  • Additional Bandpass filter like on Digitone: It would allow to place all the drum sounds better in the mix
  • Naming MIDI CCs on the MIDI tracks. I just dont wanna remember what each CC is doing for all my connected MIDI hardware. Could be a global project setting or savable like sounds.
  • MIDI retrigger
  • MIDI Auto learn (so when you move a knob or fader on an external synth, it automatically assigns the CC on the digitakt)

Added in 1.08

  • Compressor on master page

Added in 1.30

  • External input with effect send like on Digitone: Perfect for a live setup. Just connect 1-2 synths (controlled via midi tracks) to the external inputs and you don’t need a mixer anymore.
  • Greater pitch range (currently only 4 octaves)
  • Track volumes that stay at their values when changing patterns. Great for mixing the drums via an external midi controller (like Launchpad XL)

Added in 1.50

  • Slicing

Kits of sorts, to maintain sound consistency over patterns.


Recorder Trigs or things to record as a looper.
Midi implementation for that.
Something simple and obvious : record a perfect loop without editing when you resample.


Here comes a thread which basically asks Elektron to give us an OT/AR (minus analog) combined in one smaller, cheaper box :wink:


Yes, thought the same :smiley: If they would add everything from the Octatrack to it, nobody would buy it anymore. Not to forget it already has some advantages (Overbridge, better effects, more advanced sequencer, better hardware: buttons, oled)

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Yeah they won’t throw ‘too’ many crossover features in until possibly a new big box replaces OT as flagship and includes some as yet unseen features… Then they could maybe port some more of the old staple stuff across to DT…

A shame but that’s how probably it is…

Edit - not saying there isn’t stuff they could add still tho without treading on other gears toes. Would be cool to see -

*Dynamic polyphonic tracks (sacrifice tracks for added voices on one track for chords/layers etc).
*new insert fx (some weird delays/tape sim/amp sim etc…)
*Interesting arpeggio (evolved from Op1 etc) that’s fast to program/save user sequences.
*global kits banks

FX tracks. And separate outputs, but that won’t happen.


I know, but I was talking about physical outputs :stuck_out_tongue:

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  1. individual track speed multipliers. being able to have one track doing really lengthy chord progressions while still having 16th note resolution on the other tracks would be invaluable. using trig conditions & microtiming as a workaround is very limited in this area.

  2. Master compressor.

  3. profit.


Could we get the feedback of “master” elektron user on this matter? People who had the chance to test and play with the DT and who were used to the traditionnal Elektron workflow scheme. What do they think? Is there a workaround?

@Dataline, @cuckoomusic, @CarlMikaelBjork… please let us know.


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What question are you referring to?

Note scales for the chromatic mode. You could fit two octaves on the 16 keys and it would make playing a lot easier.


Oh sorry. I don’t know if I posted in the wrong thread or if my message has been moved… Anyway my question was regarding the new kit per pattern structure. As questioned in this thread:

You can answer there if you want to share your feedback. It will be more pertinent in the appropriate thread. Thanks.

Mods: if you could move my message too please.


More filters types. Btw, does anyone else think the filter type selector is difficult to adjust, especially for only three types.

Fx on master. Pattern transfer on software so we can transfer/copy patterns and sounds between projects

More later :slight_smile:


Hmm, three filter types? So far, I’ve only found LP, HP and “Off”. Am I missing something here? Bandpass, notch and comb would be great.


Digitakt 2…not to early for this request?



sampling to RAM (and option to save to +drive from there).
everything is quick, but if you want to use a fresh sample, first you gotta talk to the manager, who sends you to another floor, wait in queue, fill out a form…

The good thing is, it kind of pushes you to collect samples… but would be great to quickly try out a sample in a sequence, and save only if you want to keep it.

also, sampling triggered by sequencer.

  1. Saving pattern chains
  2. Slice/Time stretch
  3. Anything that would enable better integration of instruments like guitar/bass (easier recording options, looper, etc)
  4. A feature that combines conditional trigs with micro timing to further humanize grooves (have stuff like drum hits come in very slightly off beat at a certain probability)
  5. Effects on audio through if that’s technically possible.

*PS: This is just a wishlist.

**Edited to remove rant because I really don’t like arguing on the internet.


Sorry, technically two.

I think time stretch is out of the question but an input machine would be perfect.