The Digitakt Feature Request Thread

Song mode or at the very least pattern chains that can be saved.


I would LOVE DT to be better than OT. I’d buy it instantly. Makes no sense for Elektron tho. And no scene fader is a big deal. I bitched hard on here about DT missing slice/timestrech/polyphonic tracks etc and was told by most to just accept it for what it is and just not buy it…
99% sure they won’t add that stuff to DT while OT is still in production. Budget box = comparatively budget features… Would love to be proven wrong tho… Or see some totally new stuff added to DT.

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Or make people unable to resist buying the next ‘big’ box Elektron make, which does everything people are asking for…

Y’all ALREADY bought DT based on what it does at launch. Elektron haven’t forced you to :wink: You could hardly justify ‘shying’ away from Elektron in future due to having bought something that doesn’t do stuff that it never said it did…

Most obvious business plan for Elektron would be to make you feel you need to buy something ELSE (more expensive) near future too and at the same time get the people like myself (happy with OT for now but calling hard for OT2) onboard to buy that too… They’re proving pretty shrewd with this kind of stuff :confused:


Lol. Nah you’d forgive and forget :wink:

You sound like me when I bought my OT and realised I’d actually love it to have Polyphonic track options afterall. I was calling it ‘long in the tooth’ etc like you too… That feature never came. In fact there are a TON of OT feature requests that never came. But turns out that despite being long in the tooth and missing that stuff, its still the deepest/weirdest sampler out there and I’d still buy an OT2 :wink:

Humans are instantly fickle/forgiving about what they have when something new that ticks boxes appears :wink:

I’ve heard that, in a future OS update the DT will spawn a cross fader and enable scenes :smiley:


Rad future :slight_smile: Autobot tech. Clever swedes :slight_smile:


“When updating your DT to OS 1.2 please kindly ask anyone named John Conner to leave the room to avoid any…interferences…”


For the midi tracks:
A way to use the 16 buttons as a keyboard like on the Beatstep Pro, so you can press record and play in some notes for sequencing external midi gear.
And maybe a way to set different musical scales for this keyboard function.


Yes, this ^^^^ x1000.

Whilst it’s amazing to see someone like Cenk playing live around one pattern. In the real world we’re likely to want multiple patterns in a song which share the same sounds. How can one change the sounds across multiple patterns without changing the note data?


Roadmap would be good. Akai and pioneer have been great recently with this kind of info.


So you are saying there is no way of live sampling + direct playback at the moment? That is to assign the sample to a track for instantaneous playback when the set recording length is reached (similar to the OT).

I hope I’m doing it wrong, but midi control.?
Is anybody having luck with midi sequencing yet?

  • Master Compression/Eq or even multiband compression
  • Side-chain compression optional on audio thru (key-ed from for example the kick track or any other)
  • Multiband distortion (yeah gotta keep dreamin’ right?)
  • Some weird fx as inserts or master fx (something like the Echobode VST/ CWO of OP1)
  • Overbridge (key for this being of any use to me as I plan to record into the DAW)
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Would be nice the be able to adjust how the buttons light up representing a keyboard in chromatic mode. For example if I selected G as the scale than G would be the low note in the keyboard when the buttons light up…

This would help for recording midi to external gear when you don’t want to be in the scale of C.


This seems like it would be an easy thing to add.


I didn’t purchase it, however quick reading the manual I saw there are only 128 slots for samples, and there isn’t slice - so you cannot use easily samplechains as in the OT (moving two knobs as in the AR isn’t comfortable enough).

I would ask for:
Sample slicing and 1-knob slice selection
At least 256 slots for samples per project

If I’m wrong please let me know.


Yep. Super lucky.

What’s acting up?

256 is nothing, I would like to see at least 1024 in a project.


out of the most reasonable/interesting request, I can agree on:

  • some kind of kit management
  • slicing, or some workaround for the 128-sample limit (this I would prefer)
  • input > fx processing (like a thru machine on the OT)… although I wouldn’t count on it… but it would be great to have that delay/rev/filter available to process the input
  • per-track multipliers
  • master compressor
  • creating sample lists on the computer (not sure if this is already implemented, but I think not… I think it would be great to be able to create project sample list in the computer instead of adding the samples one by one on the hardware) EDIT: it does seem like, once imported into the +Drive, you can select a whole folder and import all of them at once. it’s not the same, but still…