Digitakt "Kit" Structure. How is it different?

aye… and the kit is only saved if you save the pattern which owns that kit? could work…

Save kit, and reload saved kit are available functions.

But load Kit is not. Load kit is not the same as reload kit.

And I crave more information about the consequences of such an omission.

We have been told the Kit implementation is different.
But is it different, with Kit linking?
Or is it just a fractional implementation of what we are accustomed to?

There is “simplified” and then there is “reduced”.

I am not here to criticize or complain,. I am here to understand.


I have a feeling we’ll see some improvements on this but I’ve been hesitant to say anything because this thread is so sensitive :smile_cat: I don’t want others to start complaining about some missing thing I suggest, or hoping it will come because I said something and possibly be let down… :sweat_smile:


I wanna know this, too. Crippling the kit system just because they couldn’t figure out a more streamlined way to do it, is the easy way out, and most certainly the wrong one.

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the omission of this is a bit mind boggling to me… i definitely wouldnt be able to use this machine without that feature…

i wonder if its going to come in an update or something

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After watching the new Dataline DT jam video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3Iex-NJoEI) where he goes through a few tracks, all one pattern each… I can see that the best way to use it is to just jam with mutes, trig conditions, fills, and as much as you can fit into a single pattern.
Or at least get your sounds really dialed in before copying and pasting multiple patterns, because editing sound parameters will have to be pattern by pattern in the absence of Kit Load.

This single pattern workflow isn’t worse, just different. And is improved by having unique BPM and assigned and saved to each pattern.


Yeah. And I have to go with the “not worse, just different” train of thought. I’d be too caught up in what could have been, with a lot of instruments if I’d focus on how they don’t do certain things.

I haven’t played with the Digitakt long enough to encounter the “I wanna go back and polish all my sounds”-problem. But I could see how that could happen.

But I’ve started a pattern (including sound design) and then copied that to a new one when I wanna evolve. And continued the alterations from there,

The advantage of having everything contained in and connected to the pattern is a plus for me. And now that you’ve raised the question - I think alternative workflows pushes creative output.

I choose to see it as all good!

(Ping @klerc)


For a straight up “pop song” spanning over a number of patterns, I can see the kit per pattern being somewhat challenging. For a more “active” playing style, where you constantly change things and mess it up on the fly, I think it’s a good thing. And the quick save and reload is super fun part of the performance tool set.
I honk where the Digitakt thrives is when operated with dedication and focus. As a playback machine I think currently other machines might be better suited.


I honk for autocorrect :laughing::laughing:


I kind of hope something is in the works here. And agreed we have (in Digitakt) a great instrument to jam on, mess up sounds and patterns, edit patterns and apply mutes on the fly etc etc etc etc.

I think personally I would be satisfied with the ability to load the sound parameters (or kit) associated with one pattern into another pattern. This is effectively a ‘copy and paste kit’ function (as long as the user is happy to save the source kit in its associated pattern).

Of course for full pop productions, with drums that remain relatively static despite variations in the patterns, we have a lot of DAW based options. :smiley:


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You can save a sound and load into other patterns right?
So when you copy a pattern to copy the kit for a different sequence and you change/tweak a sound in the first pattern, just save and load into the other patterns if needed. It’s maybe a 1 minute job tops.

It can be done, so a kit save/load is just convenient. It’s not a must have at all :slight_smile:


Ah, this works? It’s like the Electribes then. Good enough for me.

I’m certain I saw one of the videos where they played with the first pattern for a while then moved onto the second pattern which had no trigs but did definitely have the same sounds from the first pattern. Not sure if this means much, sadly I don’t get mine until late June living down under and all :wink:

A “copy all or multiple sounds” command, akin to the copy multiple trigs command would suffice, but from the manual that doesn’t look possible either.

Just imagine working on a tune and once you got that pattern and kit dialed in, you then make 7 pattern variations for it, each with different fills.
As you are doing that, you continue to tweak each sound, making different tweaks in different patterns…

Now you want to chain the 8 patterns together, but they each have different kits since pattern = kit.

With the Kit scheme on A4/AK/AR/MM/MD, it’s no big deal. And it’s more than just convenient. It’s an elegant way to manage sounds that multiple patterns reference.

On DT, however you’ve now got to start copying and pasting sounds from one pattern to seven others.
Some would consider this beyond “inconvenient”.
Furthermore, it looks like you have to use the Sound browser (limited to 2048 sounds on +Drive) in order to even do this. As pg34 in the manual only mentions copy/paste for patterns, tracks (notation), track pages, and trigs. No copy/paste sound.

I wonder if saving the Sound to the sound browser would update it across all patterns that reference it? This might work, but it also might be destructive in a less-than-elegant way that we see in the patch library implementation in synths like Blofeld.


Last alinea is it. You are forgetting that within a project you have up to 128 sounds. So when you add a sound to track within a pattern you add it to the Ram. When you copy patterns and tweak a sound within one of those patterns that share that sound, it will change across those patterns. If you don’t want that, you need to save the sound as a new sound and then tweak it.

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No. You have 127 samples.

Samples and sounds are not the same thing.

I think it would be sufficient if you could load a pattern into a different bank/number, and then choose if you want to load the sequence, sounds, or both. Since the patterns are already named it would be easy to have a browsable list.

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You are right, sorry.

You need to load the tweaked sound across multiple patterns in that case… It’s not something you would do constantly so I don’t mind it that way. But who knows, maybe they’ll implement a better way along the line. It’s not impossible, so that’s something :slight_smile:

i too am hoping for a copy/paste kit function.

not a complete deal breaker for me, but ugh, a lot of unnecessary actions to perform something that’s a mainstay across all elektron devices.


Maybe not you, but I am constantly making changes to sounds across multiple different patterns that share the same kit on Rytm, and Analog Keys, just as a I did on MD and MM.
Hence my concern about this change in workflow.

Kits are elegant. The DT is simplified.
I think we can have a simplified Kit implementation that is also elegant.

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