Octatrack 64 breakbeat x 16 slices megabreak of doom:


Just posted this on EU, thought I may as well stick it on here too:

I just made the ultimate Octatrack 16 slice x64 breakbeat megabreak of doom:

64 breakbeats at the same bpm (best prepared in ableton)

  • each sliced into 16 slices
  • slice 1 of all breakbeats saved as one ‘64 sample’ wav
  • slice 2 of all breakbeats saved as another 64 etc etc

Load all 16 wavs that you created into static slots
Slice each sample into 64 slices (dont snap to zero)
Enable slice on your Octatrack channel
Create a pattern on the Octatrack with step 1 sample-locked to slice one, step 2 to slice 2 etc

Map X-Fader to one scene mapped to Slice1 and another set to Slice64

  • Play the loop and you can swich to a different breakbeat at any point of the loop.
  • Set up a load of different patterns with the sample locks in different orders for variation

Press play and mess around with the x-fader. Instant jungle mayhem

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wow, just when I’m thinking I’m able to wrap my brain around this thing…


It sounds really interesting DuDe…!
Can you link some demos of this trick?

What do you mean with breakbeats?

breaks as useable in fills build-up
breakbeat as rhythmic figure/pattern?


having 64 breakbeats each one sliced in 16 and each slice saved as new file, then you will have 1024 sample files, is this right?


Can you link some demos of this trick?

Yes, please. Sounds interesting.


I’ll try and knock up a video tonight

@ sicijk - by breakbeats I mean old funk drum fills, but you could use this with any content really. Its pretty long winded to chop the samples up initially, but its great fun if you make the effort :wink:


Nope - you end up with 16 files:

File 1 = a 64 slice sample chain with the first 16th of each breakbeat in a row
File 2 = a 64 slice sample chain with the second 16th of each breakbeat in a row
etc etc

Its a tricky one to explain without an example, I’ll sort one out :wink:


Just recorded a quick example video so you can see it in action:

Daniel troberg's classic classic breakbeats video


Can’t wait to give this one a go. Doubt I’ll go with 64, probably just use 16 different samples to start with.


Im still sorry…but i still cant get two more things:

  • where do you create the 64 chains? (the first composed with the first 16th of each 64 breakbeat, etc…)
    Do you prepare it in the OT or in Ableton and then importing in OT back again?

  • are the steps in the pattern sample-locks? I mean, is the first step of a one-bar
    pattern locked to the first samplechain, then the second step to the second samplechain and so on ? Or am I misunderstood again?



I prepared and created the chains in Ableton. Its pretty tedious - I ended up doing it on a laptop while watching a film one evening. I can’t imagine how much time it would take to prepare these without being able to drag and drop samples on screen :wink:

Each of the steps are sample locks. Step 1 is the ‘64’ with the first 16th of all of the breakbeats in a row (usually the kick). Step 5 is the ‘64’ with the fifth 16th all of the breakbeats (usually the snare) etc.

All of these samples are sliced into 64 slices on the octatrack. Crossfader A is mapped to ‘slice 1’, Crossfader B is mapped to ‘slice 64’. Moving the crossfader changes which breakbeat is being played instantly.

Hope that helps :wink:


This is awesome! I can’t wait to try it out. :+1: :+1: :+1:


Ahhhh, it took my little brain some time but now I understand.
Have you posted the samples anywhere ? I cant find them.


ditto… (arrrgh, so much goodness that can be done with the OT and so little time).

Tried to understand this because that video is really cool in showing of how you implemented the idea! But alas I´m still too much of a newbie with my OT.

Is there any kind of tutorial somewhere or a more in-depth description regarding this, both regarding in how to work efficiently with samples in a DAW. As well as what programming that needs to be done in the OT.




Super trick! Thanks


@miketheman - I’m off playing at a festival this weekend, I’ll try and knock up a better example when I’m back home :wink:


Tack så mycket, som vi säger i Sverige!

(thanks alot, as we say in swedish)


This is an awesome trick!

For the record, I used Audacity for breaking the loops and recreating them. I opted to try it out with 32 breakbeats instead of 64 and it took me about 40min to do it manually.
The trick works very nicely and I would like to use it again and again.
It would be awesome if someone familiar with creating nyquist plugins could automate the process in audacity…


Amazing idea man!
Meticulous preparation, but infinite payback!


Fantastic trick man. THX Alot. Gorgeous idea.


finally got some spare time to prepare these chains and try this technique.

Huge thanks Wascal, really clever tool.