Megabreak of Doom for Analog Rytm

One bar track
Plock each sample at each step (16 steps)
Tempo 159
Turn Start

From @wascal** idea for Octatrack, here are its files I modified* for AR.

*64 loops / slices originally. I duplicated them, and removed 8 slices to make 120 slices.

**Octatrack 64 breakbeat x 16 slices megabreak of doom:



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So much fun! Using the track LFO to modulate various parameters is extremely fun, the sample slot, start, end but putting a ramp wave on the tune, and dialling in the depth gradually is getting me some great results.

I decided to slice up an amen break (original) in logic into 16 parts to get my Rytm to do Jungle, I’m probably gonna have to re chop the sample, and it’s not perfect but it’s sounding pretty breakcore ish. I didn’t think it would work too well on the rytm, but it’s really fun. I think it’s my fave box atm. Just need to re buy an octa and I’m set.

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I did it. It is originally a four bar sample > 64 steps. Remove 4 steps to get 60 slices or duplicate and remove 8 steps to get 120 slices

Hey mate I have just found your post about making breaks/breakcore on ar XD
its awesome technique I have to admit .I am looking for some workflow .Can You please tell media see you have attached some files on your post…are these slices by kicks, snares,rolls,etc?
What about timing?I see they are meant to be played at 159?maybe some other techniques to achieve some crazy Breakcore shiet?I see many users loading sample chains into ar,then tweaking start end points etc.i think that’s the way, also layering with machines on ar…Already tried to make some sample chain with 120 samples but I have some issues when LFO is set to random, its choppy and not cool and all.Also how do You prepare your chains?Daw or octachainer?

Best regards, stay safe!

Hi. Both.
These files were made by wascal as mentionned, originally for Octatrack. I modified them for AR.

Something you don’t understand to make it work with these files ? The samples are matrixed loops, it’s explained in the the linked thread.
I’m bad explaining at it!

Unfortunately yes, even with HOLD mode.

this is awesome

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I got this on my OT but can’t wait to try it on my Rytm ! Thanks @sezare56 !

Crapy example of the potential with one track.
I still don’t understand why Elektron choose 120 divisions. I decided to think about a 128 steps loops with 8 steps missing, or…
The chain can contain several loops with different lengths, i.e. 64 steps, 32 steps, 16 steps, 8 steps.

Not my priority, but I’d really like to improve it for fun. Can be crazy. I hope some people would do it too for motivation!
Anyway thanks again to @wascal for the Megabreak idea and @Abhoth for Octachainer. :wink:

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Hey man if you make a new one I’ll also post what I end up making! I’ll throw in some DN dark bass too lol ! And yes Octachainer is great I need to use it more.

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Used a version of this breaky stuff on this… 100% live audio from L+R, only samples are some of the breaks, all the other sounds are synth/resampling madness

Anyone else making breakcore/tekcore on elektron stuff? Is there a thread of similar stuff already?

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This is an awesome idea, I never dared to try digging into it myself
but I feel very tempted and would like to start with these samples

@sezare56 where is MegAR10.wav? Am I missing something?

Thanks so much!

Apparently there are 15 files, so you must be right! :grimacing:
Please PM me to remind me soon, not close to computer…

Don’t want to be rude, but pretty much any scene/perf macro seems to be a better transition/“choice” than “retriggering” random shitloads of drums.
I don’t know what you did within those eleven seconds, but it’s nothing worthy, as far as I’m concerned.

Criticizing something you don’t understand? :content:
This technique allows to play up to 120 different loops on only 1 track, turning Start knob. Not possible with scenes/perf, it’s all about sample preparation.

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Uploaded. :wink:

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I sold my OT a week ago, finally not my thing…
That’s this trade which influences me because i used the OT only for break beats
So first merci will !!
And to contribute a bit to the subject I made mine with Kraftwerk beats
There is 60 different breaks (135bpm) so one shot for 2 startpoint values