EaganMatrix Module for Eurorack from Haken

An EaganMatrix Module for Eurorack from Haken.


This will be amazingly cool. Hook your favorite controller, or run this just native from Eurorack. No Continuum or Osmose needed. There are limitations. ( This is the engine that is in the ContinuMini. )

Features :
  • Advanced polyphonic synth engine with multidimensional expressive control
  • Polyphony: Nominal 1, Maximum 8 – Direct CV note control is limited to 1 voice at a time, but higher polyphony avoids voice stealing when EaganMatrix presets have long decays, and higher polyphony is often useful for MIDI input.
  • Control via integrated CV I/O, MIDI, external CV (with Haken Control Voltage Converter)
  • 4 Per-note CV Inputs: W, X, Y, Z
    • Gate (W) — Triggers at 1V, with max range -10V to +10V
    • Pitch (X) — 1V per octave, with programmable offset for Middle C
    • Timbre (Y) — Function depends on EaganMatrix preset; voltage ranges 0…5V, -5…+5V, or 0…10V, with programmable offset
    • Loudness (Z) — 0…5V, -5…+5V, or 0…10V, with programmable offset
  • Robust implementation of MPE and MPE+ MIDI
  • Cross-platform (Mac and PC) Haken Editor may be connected to create and customize presets
  • 4 Global CV Inputs: i, ii, iii, iv
    • Functionality depends on EaganMatrix preset; these CV affect all voices (notes from WXYZ and Midi); each global CV has selectable voltage range 0…5V, -5…+5V, or 0…10V, and programmable offset
  • 2 Analog Audio Inputs: Left and Right, or Mono
  • 2 Analog Audio Outputs: Left and Right, or Mono Sum
    -12dB switch selects between Eurorack Level and Line Level
  • MIDI over USB – Allows bidirectional MPE and MPE+ connection to other devices; allows connection to the Haken Editor for editing and archiving EaganMatrix presets (USB-A cable included with purchase)
  • Universal 3.5mm Midi In (Type A, Type B, and TS) – Allows connection to other MIDI devices without need of computer or USB (adapter to 5-pin DIN Midi In included with purchase)
  • Type B 3.5mm Midi Out – Allows connection to other MIDI devices without need of computer or USB (adapter to 5-pin DIN Midi Out included with purchase)
  • i2c Port for Communication to optional Control Voltage Converter – (a switch selects between 3.5mm Midi Out and i2c functionality)
  • 12 Switches, 1 Rotary, and LED Matrix – A menu system allows stand-alone operation without need of computer, and provides monitoring for notes being played and CV input levels

Excellent Interview with Edmund Eagan and a short demonstration of their new Eurorack module, and some good background on all the current embodiments that includes the EaganMatrix. The video is 27 minutes.

Warning: Gaz Attack!

Skip ahead to like 16:10 and then 22:20 to get to some short sound demonstrations. And some bagpipes at 25:00.

We need a sound only modular demonstration !

I think this module, and the chance to interface with this engine, from a modular context, is going to open a lot of doors.

Eagan has mapped an Intelijel Tetrapad to the 4 CV controls.


I’d throw one of these into my 4ms Pod, install it next to my Befaco VCMC, then control it with an Erae Touch, which are currently shipping.

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I figure with the MPE support and tuning table support, you’d be all over this like ants over a pile of sugar


And someone who knows how to make use of this module / audio engine AND can make music. Cenk?!

„I could buy a Stradivari and it sound like shit“ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: while Bleeeepbloops coming from the module: Priceless.

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It’ll be interesting to hear this being sequenced by somebody savvy with Eurorack sequencers - demonstrating how the sound responds to CV modulation.

While I don’t have a problem with bleep bloops per se, I have to admit an issue with bleepy demos is it’s harder to hear the impact of CV modulation for given source and destination.

I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’d like to be clear on how polyphony is less than “nominal” before pre-ordering. The description says

Polyphony: Nominal 1, Maximum 8
Direct CV note control is limited to 1 voice at a time, but higher polyphony avoids voice stealing when EaganMatrix presets have long decays, and higher polyphony is often useful for Midi input.

If it means that 8-polyphony works in the expected way when controlling it via MIDI, I’d pre-order now.

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I found the video reassuring in this regard.

I have a continuum and I must say this is interesting but a bit strange. The great thing about the eaganmatrix is how organic it sounds when controlled by a highly expressive controller like the continuum, mini, and others.

Depending on the patch the polyphony changes, there is only so much dsp…

Yes, we all know EaganMatrix responds great to manual playing, but there’s been demand for more affordable Eurorack integration.

In the past you had to buy a Continuum then spend another $550 for the CVC.

$800 for this module is not cheap, but it’s still lot more affordable than $550 plus your choice of Continuum.

To clarify for anyone dropping in on this thread:
The Haken CVC has 16 CV outputs, four groups of four CVs, that can be added to the Continuum, ContinuMini, Osmose, and most notable here the EaganMatrix Module via a high speed I2C interface. This is an alternative to routing MIDI from one of those controllers to CV. This allows you to play CV controlled voices more directly with one of those four controllers.

The EaganMatrix Module ( EMM ), in addition to those 16 CV outputs via the CVC, also has 8 CV inputs, two groups of four. The first four ( W, X, Y, Z ) are for controlling that one CV created voice. The second four ( i, ii, iii, iv ) affect all voices, both the CV created one and those created via MIDI.

You can also input to the EMM via MPE and MPE+ MIDI.

A Eurorack version of the CVC would really be great if that is possible !

ADDED: The Evaton uCVC is Eurorack and is the same as 1/4 of a CVC. You can daisy chain two uCVCs together.

Really agree with this, but it depends enormously on how you are viewing things.

First, if you are someone who works in MIDI primarily, especially if it is MPE MIDI, why do you even care if the first four CV inputs have only one voice ? Just keep using MIDI !

Secondly, i think that the strength of the EMM really is as an alternative way to control the EaganMatrix sound engine. Someone comfortable in finding other ways for controlling things is either:

(A) Not bothered by using CV and MIDI to control the EMM.


(B) Is prepared and interested in creating their own interface to control this unique synth.

blipson: You have or are about to receive your new Embodme Erae Touch which outputs MPE. Isn’t that ready made to hook up to the EMM ? Seems a perfect combination to me for exploring alternative interfaces.

ASIDE: In the Gaz interview video, Edmund Eagan said that Haken was looking around at various options before committing to the EMM. I wonder if a software only version was even considered, and if that is even possible ?

ADDED: I have really been scratching my head, when considering using the EMM to output 16 CV signals – four groups of four. But Haken did specifically build this capability in to the EMM. Haken has been working on EMM specific patches, so those perhaps will include some sorts of monster CV controller patches.

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yeah. When I have that Embodme in my hands, we’ll see how it goes. I’m primarily getting it as a full-dynamic range fingerdrumming controller. Isometric layouts for microtonal is #2, so I guess EMM would be good for that, but I’m thinking it will take an annoying amount of work to set up. I’m primarily interested in the EaganMatrix for real-time manual and playable intervention into the matrix, which we get with Osmose, so to geting the Erae Touch to work with it, too, is secondary, and can Erae Touch CV-control the Osmose’s matrix? I have to review the inputs and outputs.

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I believe for CV control of the Osmose’s EaganMatrix (or anything else inside Osmose) you need to the CVC, which is a separate $550 purchase

The Haken CVC is a CV output device only.

You can output MIDI from a device like the Erae Touch ( which has no CV out ) to either the Osmose or the EMM.

Good catch Re: CVC only has outputs, zero inputs.

So, no direct CV input to Osmose is possible - only via MIDI-CV conversion.

That makes the buying decision clearer for some folks. If keyboard is not your main instrument and/or your main usage is firing off sequences, arpeggios, etc. from Eurorack or other CV compatible gear, get the module instead of Osmose.

Another difference, the EMM has audio inputs.

Also worth noting, although audio input is rarely cited as a criterion for purchase of an Osmose

Yeah you’re right it makes little sense to draw comparisons to the Osmose or the Continuums. We can lay those comparisons aside. The EMM is very much it’s own thing.

Haken summed up its vision for the product inside their first paragraph at the product’s website:

This versatile module can act as a sound source, a sound processor, a CV source (via connection to an external Control Voltage Converter), a Midi source, or a customizable combination of all these capabilities.

So four distinct areas of focus. This shows the general purpose nature of the Engine. There are going to be very different patches used on the EMM. ( Reference: Gaz interview video. ) Hard to judge what might or might not be possible.

I have already speculated about CV output using either Haken CVC unit or the Evaton µCVC with new patches for the EMM.

I will speculate a little more.

Loopop in his video on additive synthesis included a very short section on the additive synthesis capabilities of the Continuum.

But this is limited on the Continuum to pre-processed sound. Note how at the end of this video clip Loopop says, “but i think they are working on that.”

This all has been noted elsewhere around this Forum, about the short coming of only having preprocessed sounds on the Continuum and Osmose for resynthesis, and wondering about ways to get around that limitation.

Could the EMM be a way around these limitations ? This is now at least potentially possible with the EMM. Now it’s a large leap to conclude that there will ever be live input, and re-synthesis on the EMM, like what can be done with the Rossum Panharmonium ( thread link ), but it is also not out of the realm of possibility with the EMM either.

It’s just me here speculating from some new facts.

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looks like the module is out now, the eagan synth editor looks pretty daunting!

Me too !!

I’ve also been considering all the ways the two could be used together. And the audio input still has me curious.

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