Rossum Panharmonium Spectral Resynthesizer


Just spotted this today – and it’s not going to be available for a while, July maybe, and there’s not even anything to listen to yet, and it’s just a Eurorack module – BUT it looks absolutely amazing!

The Basics: You feed it an audio stream, anything from something simple to a complex mix. It spectrally analyzes this and the lets you additively resynthesize and recreate the harmonic structure of the sound while you modify the basic elements of that structure. This technique has been around for a while, but the implementation Rossum has put together here looks very promising.

The module allows you store presets as well as store ‘freezes’ that can be modified and used like an oscillator source.

There is an article here at Synthtopia that discusses it.

From the description at Perfect Circuit:


  • Spectral resynthesizer in Eurorack format
  • Analyzes incoming audio and resynthesizes the analyzed spectra with an internal oscillator bank
  • Transforms any input source into a re-synthesized sound and allows for ample spectral manipulation
  • Slide parameter defines rate of analysis, and can be tempo synced or run freely
  • Center Freq and Bandwidth controls determine range of frequencies to be analyzed
  • Freeze control for sustaining current analyzed spectrum
  • Voice parameter for selection of number of oscillators used for resynthesis (from one to 33)
  • Blur control adds lag to the resynthesis, creating smearing effects between spectra
  • Variable resynthesis Feedback for evolving, as-of-yet unheard sounds
  • Waveform, pitch, glide, and mix controls for oscillator bank
  • Waveforms include standard waveforms as well as special crossfading wave shapes
  • Drum Mode optimized for superior transient response
  • Spectral Warping function enables decoupling of individual harmonics from the analyzed overtone structure for inharmonic warping effects
  • Global preset memory and Spectra memory

Superbooth 19

Isnt that what the Kyma system does? A mate of mine had one. Synthesising audio waves addively from sine waves. Awesome stuff.
I dont have a eurorack system but this looks enticing!


Harmor in a module ?


I think kyma systems do just about everything don’t they? Was looking at them online before, they can do stuff I can’t really find anywhere else, pricey and presumably hard to learn though. Module looks interesting, I’d really like to see a demo


Check out Gunver Ryberg, she uses one. Both in studio and in her live sets. Bold!



This looks super cool. Haven’t bought a module in a while, but may have to get this.


Another demo from Rossum. This blows my mind.


Looks like I’m finally getting into modular, I’m going to get a sample mangling rack with this, clouds and that other mangler from mutable

Thanks for the heads up


Sounds crazy nice. Anybody know any plugin coming close to this?


I think Alchemy does something like this