AR Analog Rytm feature request thread

A bit premature, but some of you are going to want moar than it delivers anyway.

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wheels, so it can roll.


no 808 cowbell please!


aahhhhahaha! im with you

Hows the Price?? That was very interessing for me. The machine is so good.

A real sequencer:

  • able to change from one pattern to another on the fly, just by pressing a pad, and without waiting the end of the current pattern
  • able to randomize the current track programming, like the RS7000 did: not random function (I think it’s useless and obsolete), but with many algorithms
  • able to send/receive/transmit midi CC, PC
  • that can be programmed on the fly, not only step by step using the grid
  • that can be corrected with precision: I need to be able to change anything (instrument, tone, vel, etc…) easily

Without these types of specs, I won’t buy it. I don’t care of analog sound, or hippy pads with colours. For me, a good drum machine is mainly a good and easy to use sequencer. Exactly the contrary of the MD or OT sequencer.


I’m hoping that all samples are in one big pool that you can pick and choose from rather than MD banks or OT sample lists.


i hope they can give it an ‘h’ or two :wink:


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Pad-pressure modulations:

eg, do a drum fill by pressing a pad and modulating the repeat rate - stuff like that will make this the bestestest analog drum machine ever.

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That would be sweet imo

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Can it burn CDs? I will not be able to use it in my live set if it does not, part of my act depends on me burning a CD while I’m playing and then putting it inside a microwave to create stage lighting effects.

Also yes wheels so I can fire my road crew. Bastards.


this.,… plus" legato " mode for pattern switching - so yes, hoping the pads are switchable between modes.
[li]Trigger pads[/li]
[li]Pattern Switching[/li]
[li]Algorithmic sequencer functions[/li]
[li]FX triggers [/li]

Feature request:
a coffee cup holder at the side would be fine

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MIDI sequencer.


And a start/stop button. If this button is not present, I’ll go fishing.

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i think the pads (and pressure) are going to be a great way to do multiple locks at once. i mean you can easily press four pads with different pressure (pinky is kinda tricky :slight_smile: ) while holding down a trig.

i would love step probability and retrig probability (modifiable by LFO as well)


– Pads to send midi CC so they can control OT and A4 (and analog modular stuff via A4)

– Modern sample rates, not the 12-bit downgrading of the MDUW or the 16/44.1 constraints of the MPC 1000

– Separate outs like on the MD

– The same midi sequencer that’s in the OT, with the same abilities to sequence external gear (not holding my breath in this one)

– CV outs. But I realize this probably is not the scope of this machine, or it would cross over into A4 territory. Likewise it will probably not have “normal” synth capabilities like the Tempest.

– CV ins. Something that should have been implemented already on the A4. I want cv --> midi godammit!

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Request to Stop making me battle with my wife about unavoidable gear purchases… hasn’t happened yet but its on the cards and she knows it… :sob:

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