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Sound Forge Pro 15 – 30% Off Sale

Both the Regular Version $280 USD, and the Suite.$400.


Best as i can this is through September 1st.

( If this link is jinxed, you can click through to the sale. )

If you want to save a bit, you can get Sound Forge Pro 13, Acid 11, and Samplitude 2019 in a bundle for $25 here and then buy the Sound Forge upgrade if wanted: https://www.humblebundle.com/software/sound-forge-pro-hit-record-production-software?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_5_layout_index_3_layout_type_twos_tile_index_2_c_soundforgeprohitrecordproduction_softwarebundle


I can’t seem to figure out if this version runs on Mac?

New Audio Damage plug-in that’s on sale for a limited time: Other Desert Cities Plug-In For VST, AU, AAX, and iOS - Audio Damage


Sternberg is having a summer sale 50% off:

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really fantastic delay even considering the crowded world of delay effects. well done. lot’s of modes. good modulation.

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I read here that you don’t and it seems it’s not good on Mac these days?

That’s a real shame. I’m still pining after a decent audio editor that’s as fast and intuitive as Sound forge. I recently tried demoing Wavelab, but found it annoying sadly.


I’ve been using Wavelab for years now (started on Soundforge and a little on Cool Edit Pro (showing my age!))

Wavelab is cluttered but I couldn’t work without it and it does everything I needed it to and more once I learned how to properly use it.

Other than Audition (which I find clunky) I wouldn’t know anything else that compares (yes, Audacity but it’s hardly in the same league (as great as it is)).

But yes - finding something one is comfortable with is very important, I hear you!


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I probably should have given it more time. I’m an inpatient sod!

I used it early on as an alternate reality version of Soundforge but when I really learned it was when I had to teach it as part of a class on mastering. I watched a MacProVideo course and it made a lot of things click. I still think the interface is needlessly cluttered (typical Steinberg) but I’ve come around to finding a workflow that works for me…and like I said, there aren’t any other robust equivalents other than Soundforge which seems to have been passed around like an old used car!

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Kush plugins on sale

Awesome. That REDDI plugin for $33 was calling my name.


Puremagnetik are doing 9 packs for $10 right now. Sale finishes on the 10th

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I’ve never used the site in question, so have no idea what they are all about. Seems there are “deals” available to everyone, and a “shop” where members earn and spend points or something. In any event, if you are one of the few musicians who haven’t plumped for the Waldorf PPG Wave clone in the two decades since it’s release, you can, apparently, get it for $19.99 (despite it showing as $29.99 below).


I bought Nave on ridiculous super sale a little while ago from that site - they’re legit. I was concerned at first.

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