Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale - GAS Warning!

ADDED: This thread has morphed to a list of things on sale at reduced price.

Was originally a Deals: Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2018

It’s that time of year so get ready. It’s still two weeks, but nowadays lots of sales start early.

Please only links to the deals you’ve spotted. There will be a lot of posts here so let’s keep on topic.

Black Friday – November 23
Cyber Monday – November 26


To kick this off here’s a link ot Sweetwater’s Black Friday “countdown” deals.

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Korg has a Volca sale – buy three get a Volca Mix for free. USA Only. (Expires November 15th.)


Perfect Circuit has a 10% code FRIDAY10 all month long, and “flash sales” (up to 30% off) throughout the month. The first flash sale is this Friday.

Flash sales + eurorack could be bad for my wallet. Need to practice that impulse control…


Loopmasters have kicked off their Black Friday sales. Long list of vendors, mainly ~60% off a very large range of titles. There is an “Archives” section with 70% off; and Wave Alchemy’s Synth Drums is 90% off

Output plugin(s)/Expansions are ~25% off at the moment. Exhale, Substance, Signal etc.


Wow rawcutz superpack 1-30 for less than 80US


Guitar center 15% off some items I got my Digitone on a deal like this


Plugin Alliance : "In november every friday is black ! "


oh wow. I have to buy this

They are great. I also heard a lot of good things about their Sys100 drums, which are also reduced

it’s 44€ for Rawcutz complete …or did I miss something?

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it’s 44€ for Raw Kitz complete (which is three of their releases combined).
It’s 67 euro for Rawcutz Superpack, which is even bigger. Even more samples (30 of their releases combined).
But this one comes without Ableton, machine etc integration


So lets say you love the collage-like aspects of hiphop but don’t have access to the gear often used and you’re too lazy / unskilled to use software emulations and do any proper crate digging / sampling…would this be a good pack for you?

“Asking for a friend.” - @v00d00ppl


Yes the SYS-100 drums are really good, I bought them full price and they are worth every penny! Provide a different flavour from regular drum samples.

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yeah, i always welcome some alternatives to TR style samples

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Morning bro.

Getting these packs are probably the easiest way of having a sound palette similar to Madlib, Dilla, Pete Rock and DJ Premier.

Can you recreate the clavinet, Rhodes, bass loops like these with kontakt and v collection emulations? Yes but think of the time you’ll be spending? Can you recreate the drum hits crate digging? Think of all the time you’ll be spending.

I still sample with my EPS, SP1200, etc but there’s times where my levels are off or I just realized that the material doesn’t sound good on a lo-fi sampler and I should just record the sample at 24 bit / 44.1. That time I spent was an hour. I could of been finger drumming for and hour or doing some mixdowns already. The luxury of a good sound library is that they only are giving you the good takes and they had to deal with the bad recording hour.

So yea I’ll go get the collection myself too. Sometimes I get lazy in my own sessions and I will dig into other HipHop libraries. You can probably use these sounds for trip-hop, DnB (if you pitch the drums), even glitch stuff.

No I don’t work for rawcutz, I’m just a member who likes to bang drum pads throughout the week.


I was talking superpack. I gotta figure out which one gets you the most sounds. I think superpack does this.

RIGHT! I mean I don’t have the time to waste, not that I’m lazy :wink: I’ll use that.

Thanks for the write up. I swore off samples but this might be too good to pass up. Might unburden me of a lot of grief.

These sample packs tend to lean more on bop. Does anyone know of any sample packs that take from “post-bop” work, freejazz, “sheets of sound”, ect? My own samples - focusing on textures - tend to come from this era…

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they are great if you just want to make beats and don‘t waste time looking for samples. there are so many that you always can combine them in a completely different way to get something new. I made some really cool boom bap beats on the train with beatmaker 3 and these samples. it’s just fast and fun.

but I also used them for electronic tracks inspired by Bonobo and the likes. these samples immediately give your electronic tracks an organic, acoustic feel


Hold my beer…

Does this work? Demo the loops.

Free jazz samples are out there, but you’re gonna need to type in jazz on sample library searches and use your ear on if it’s a win or not.

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