Deals -- Perennial List of Things on Sale - GAS Warning!

I grabbed XLN’s XO tonight after a few days playing with the trial… I got the discounted deal as mentioned earlier.
I really like XO, I think it’s going to come in very handy for general workflow (in finding samples, especially)… and the sequencer is pretty cool too, especially in combo with the functionality of it’s exports… I think I’ll be taking a lot of loops, hits, and stems from it.

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Blokas are offering 14% of their excellent Midihub boxes as it’s been two years since it launched. Discount code is CHEERSTOMIDIHUB, just for this weekend


Buncha pedals (incl Zoia) with 10-15% off at Mattech Modular (UK based)

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Interesting to note that with this 14% discount - the blokas is basically price reduced to almost exactly match the current retail price of the rk-006, (which I am using). I have not used the blokas, but I my shortlist was between these two when I finally pulled the trigger on the retrokits. I’m very happy with the retrokits. I have the impression that the blokas might be a really good fit for those who feel that have very specific midi needs. The rk-006 is also configurable, and does just what I need. But again, I think the blokas product is geared even further towards end-user custom config.


My eyes break when I look at dreadbox kinematic , those colours :frowning:

From memory those pedals all do good things esp Ventris, zoia, collider

@Jukka This thread is getting unwieldy and moving posts around is problematic in that it can take multiple attempts, we suspect it relates to the size of one or other of the respective threads

So, is it finally time to branch off fresh topics for Hardware Deals, Software Deals and maybe for Mobile Deals ?

Other opinions count, but Jukka seems to be the defacto caretaker or named driver etc

cc @Mods


This sounds good to me.

This has also been something some others will find useful, not having to look through categories of deals that they’re not interested in.

Not me I like seeing both.

Starting new threads is OK too from the stand point that the posts are almost always time limited so seeing posts from a year ago is only useful for historic purposes.


We’ll explore this and keep you(all) posted


You probably don’t know but would trimming posts help with the technical problem ? That might be an option too, let’s say posts older than some amount.

This thing only started for Black Friday how many ever years ago.


That would be a very good option. Most deals aren’t permanent, and are most people going back more than few months to find them on here?

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nope - posts are never deleted they only get hidden from public view, still the same number ‘present’

we don’t want to create a rod for our own backs either so the delineation between threads needs to be robust from that perspective - so maybe just two … hw/sw

these could also be rebooted yearly or biannually with links to the older info for cross referencing and so on


That crossgrade seems to be back on Bitwig here…


I’d love a hardware/software split, honestly


Maybe name each with the year like 2021 HW Deals - Gas Warning

Just an idea


The current will be numberless, but older ones can be time-marked at closure, it may be that we run the same threads (all have a unique ID irrespective of name) and dump the content out to a new locked historical and timestamped topic

This way the thread can be persistently bookmarked and always current with a varying ‘buffer’ and ideally under 3k posts.

It’ll happen soonish hopefully


I’d totally be for a separation between “HW 2021 deals” vs “SW 2021 deals” and getting a new one each year seems good.

21 Likes are selling a bunch of their sample packs at $3 apiece.

Yes please to separate hardware and software threads