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The shreds of my tattered judgement are screaming at me not to follow this thread. And yet…


And yet here we all are again.


15% off at musicians friend in US with code “laborday”.
You also get around 8% back in points that you can use 6 or so weeks.

I used this code a few years ago to get a smoking deal on a Digitone.
Then used the points to by $75 worth of cables a few months later.


Some more Labor Day deals at Perfect Circuit with LABOR10 code.

Kodamo essenceFM $1190

The Division Department 01/IV around $530

Bastl Midi Looper $240

10% off most non-sale items



Alto Music has the M:S and M:C for $249. Those boxes are definitely worth the price.

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As does Perfect Circuit, for their Labor Day sale.


But I bet it’s only those two!

Nope, no wait, Detroit Modular as the deal also.


And I guess Control Voltage also has that deal.

Detroit Modular hasn’t been responsive for the past couple of months. They never gave me credit for my Moog Matriarch purchase last fall, and don’t answer any inquiries through the website Are they even in business?

Also, Kinda looks like Sweetwater also. But I bet it’s only those five places!

I’ve got a couple things from them this year. No issues. They can be a little slow with the emails, but are usually responsive within a couple days from them.

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I don’t have my passport! Maybe someone else can verify.

Just got an USAMO from them. Ordered Sunday and it showed up Wednesday.

I don’t know which email the order form on their website goes to, but this is the email that has worked for me in the past to contact them dm@detroitmodular.com

I’ll probably just give them a call. Something might be up with their email server.

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I ordered a Strega from them a few months ago and they put a sale on the next day. I called and they had no issues crediting me the 10%.


$249 for a Model:Samples is pretty killer.
I’ve made whole tracks with the M:S and a cheap compressor and nothing else. I hope anyone on the fence takes advantage.