OT TRig Conditions (TRC) thread


No doubt, now news that the OT (both Mk1 and Mk2) will incredibly get the trig conditions from the analog (and DT) series, there’ll be a lot of OT centric discussion on this to follow

In the meantime, I thought it’d be good (for those without a later device) to browse the ins and outs and joys of TRCs Fills etc

Here’s one of the relevant threads to get primed, whilst in the meantime we ponder the potential prospects of arming a recording track equipped with a TRC (seems unlikely this will be possible, time (or :3lektron:) will tell)

Trig conditions for Octatrack .. (possible ?)
Introducing Octatrack MKII
MUTE STEP possible?
"Conditional parameters"?
Introducing Octatrack MKII
Conditional Locks MKII

This is really going to crack the OT open for variation and evolving motifs…
So helpful for getting out of the robot like repetitiveness that you can fall into with grooveboxes…
Combined with midi loopback this should be rightfully insane…



Seriously. This is amazing.


[quote=“Open_Mike, post:2, topic:44828”]
Combined with midi loopback[/quote]
and Neighbors, Master Fx…:loopy:


sweet jebus. this will be a nice thing to have int he OT. stoked for it. per a thing i read on facebook the parameters will be tucked into the micro timing page somewhere.





Conditional trigs on thru machines when using OT as an FX processor for external gear… plus neighbor fx on a different pattern scale… with scenes, of course.



Not to mention on rec trigs - :hammer:


With midi loopback, you can set conditional rec trigs, cond scenes, cond crossfader values… :loopy:


We had the same ideas about using DT conditions to control OT, now we should be able to do it internally or by combining with midi loopback!


What’s all this about midi loop back? The trigs will also be in the audio tracks, right?


The crossfader responds to midi CC, so the idea is that with midi loopback you can send conditional trigs to the fader position :wink:


For a few things you can’t do from the audio side, like launch plays free tracks, for example…
Also just general expanded wierdness like conditional arping the audio side…


Awesome news! Yeah Elektron!


Love reading these ideas and see how the creativity is triggered by this news. You guys are awesome :slight_smile:


…Pun intended? :wink: ‘triggered’ :smiley:

Unconditional< love for this update!


Wait wait… you’re launching plays free with midi loopback who what in the what now?


Where is the confirmation on OT MKI getting TRIG conditions?

Stoked if true!


You can even use Plays Free midi Tracks to trigger Plays Free Sample Tracks, Samples Trigs, Recs…
What for ? Blow your mind ? :smile::loopy:


confirmed to be coming to the mkl as well by Cenk and Simon