OT Science Lab - 1 year study - 11 - More Cowbell :cb:

11. More Cowbell?
Using only the supplied cowbell sample (Cowbell lab*) create a piece of music lasting a minimum of 1 minute, no maximum. Rules You can use as many instances of the sample as you want to, and as many tracks as you want to, the only FX permitted are filter, delay and dark reverb. You can use looping, timestretch, and any audio editor operations on the sample.

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OT Science Lab - 1 year study - who’s up for it? [LAUNCHED]

Songs, in order or release :






OT Science Lab - 1 year study - 11 - More Cowbell :cb:


You no longer need it!

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nice track sezare56!

Quick rule interpretation clarification for ‘More Cowbell’ if possible - can we resample tracks? I’m not sure if that is included in ‘any audio editor operations’ allowed?

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I swear there were a bunch of people saying the OT FX “sound bad.” Anyone who thinks so should listen to this track. :wink:

Love the triplets, the animation of the timbre, everything.


Resampling is ok for all challenges unless specified. Although it will probably be more challenging to avoid resampling.


I made a thread called “OT FX kick ass” and we had a pretty good discussion in there.

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I used resampling in order to make a sample chain with 8 pitches, by octave.

On T1 (Flex) I plocked rate for low octaves

  • RATE 4
  • RATE 8
  • RATE 16
  • RATE 32

One with normal rate / pitch, one with pitch +12.

  • RATE 63, PITCH 0
  • PITCH +12

And I found a trick, I used the recorder to record that last step, and played 2 steps after with pitch + 12, plocking track Recording01

  • PITCH + 12 (previous step resampled > pitch +24)
  • PITCH + 12 (previous step resampled > pitch +36)

I resampled that track with another recorder.

Once saved, I selected 8 slices with zero crossings, corresponding to root note, around 1070 samples for first one, you can divide by 2 for others.

I can try to explain some parts better if interested! :smile:


Knowing you you probably did it whilst riding your motorbike through the roads of Brittany too :rofl:


Motorbike? No way!


:joy: textbook @sezare56 :heart_eyes:


Based on what @sezare56 explained, my thinking about this machine has been too narrow, man.* Use of resampling to create a sample chain - of course / why not?? I need to get more versed in resampling, layering fx, p-locks, etc. I’m such a neophyte, but that’s why I’m going for this lab!

*This was a subtle homage to one of my favorite movies “The Big Lebowski”


Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

Here comes my entry for the “More Cowbell” challenge. The soundcloud text explains a bit of how this was done. I usually do not use resampling, the challenge was great for me to familiarize me more with that capability. I was thinking of using the comb filter to synthesize more sounds, but the challenge stated only reverb, delay and filter allowed, so comb filter probably violates the spirit of the rules, if not the exact words.


this is awesome, man, respect!!!

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Really nice laid back dubby vibes :kissing_heart:

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This has been very enjoyable, though the easiness the Octatrack provides in forcing new sounds from a simple cowbell sample makes me wonder why I still use so much other gear. Imagine being allowed to use more than one sample, or even more FX…

Seriously, that one year challenge will probably help me to discover the Octatrack in its fullest potential, so thanks again for starting this.


I’ll echo the other thoughts about this having a great dubby feel. But in particular I was especially interested in the drone that you created from the reverb tail. There were a few subtle tweaks about 1:08(ish) mark that were right up my strasse.

Good point about the comb filter. I’d just presumed that it was limited to the multimode filter but perhaps we could get an adjudication from @darenager?

Wow, this is ace too. The sound design is top but I also really like some of the compositional touches that make it feel like it’s been played by hand rather than sequenced.

So, we’re two tracks in and already the bar is being set high.

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It’s not a competition right? :smiley:

Edit: … is it?