Octatrack Metronome Only Warp Experiment Science Lab


Hey all.

We made a little Science Lab in Audiofanzine french forum.
The principle is to record OT’s metronome, and make something with it, only with Octatrack (audio editor allowed).
Fade in, Fade out, Normalize allowed with a DAW.
You have to use a cable, because you can’t record metronome internally.

Who’s in ? :slight_smile:

My last version

From diablomephisto’s idea, French Forum link

Octatrack MII dawless sample loading - ways you do this?
Just a little appreciation for this forum and Elektron
Elektron Advice
Just using one sample examples
What Do you typcially like to sample with the OT?


Brilliant. Both the challenge and the submission.

Big fan of what you create! Very “Successful Mad Scientist” vibe you’ve got! :slight_smile:


Thanks. It’s not me it’s the Octatrack who did it for me ! :smile:
Crasy what you can do with OT. I sold all my synths !
Kidding, keeping A4 and should receive Micromonsta monday ! :wink:


snap ! :wink:


Oh goodness! You didn’t sell your Wavedrum did you?!

More “pacifically”, you didn’t sell it without me knowing it and getting my chance to acquire that aural Holy Grail?! :open_mouth:


No, I sold my Blofeld thinking about Micromonsta and…Digitone of course.
Finally I bought an MD !

@avantronica funny you give that snap link, I used the metronome pulse to make the acidish sound !
Just after the pulse, it’s like a saw. :wink:


Thank goodness. That Wavedrum you rigged up is brilliant. If you don’t possess it, I want to.

On the matter of the Micromonsta > the Blofeld. I understand a lot of people favor the monsta over the blofeld, but I always loved the look and feel and process of working with the blofeld. As soon as I can rationalize having a luxury piece in my studio- a pleasant bit of surplus, I’m getting another blofeld.

To each their own


I can’t speak for the micromonsta but I built a P6 a few years ago and it sounds great, so I suspect the Micromonsta is even better since it’s essentially the next generation of the same synth.


Sezare56! It ruins my day when you post things you’ve made with the metronome that are better than the things I can make with my Analog Four!


It is normal, OT is a better 8 voices synth. :tongue:


Bloody impressive work mate! Sincerely impressed. I think I may have to grab my octatrack and really experiment with it.


Other Metronome Warps from Audiofanzine users :slight_smile:
Come on Elektronauts !





i just saw this thread and I am in a bit of a bad mood, this turned out to be fun and reflects my state of mind today. I hope this is not too moody and creepy.

not my normal style of music , bear with it, it is ambient soundtrack style stuff with a darker edge. if you cant cope with 3 mins of ambient dont listen and do yourself a favour

the pitches come from the repeat rate being adjusted, i did these live but had a few trigs down obviously, 3 metronome tracks using 2 neighbour tracks for reverb. normalised in sound forge, nothing else. if someone wants the OT project for fun or if they feel they can do something with it then say so and its yours to play with :grimacing:

NOW i may try to make a 4/4 track which may take a bit longer haha


Good work ! I planned to make pads too (it became acidish), and vowels filters. :slight_smile:

As asked :wink:, to sample the metronome, you need to use 1 or 2 cables between Cue and INPUT AB/CD. You can’t record it internally, hopefully.


Nice work everyone, I might try to get something done over the weekend - so we use the click sound or the pitched sound for metronome? Any other rules?


great work! Really nice acid sounds


You can record any note from metronome, and the pulse you know well (Tonal off). I think the only thing is OT’s sound processing only.
Anyway DAW is allowed for normalize and fade IN/Out. I guess nobody would check project files, unless @Elektron offers an OT MKII ? :sketchy: :content:

For the moment you can win a magnificent real wood curtain rail ! :thup:


overbridge enabled?


It’s usb, but I guess there are many ways to use it ! :innocent:
(Auto-censored :smile:)