Octatrack Metronome Only Warp Experiment Science Lab


This is a great exercise for sound design practice and also getting to know the OT more as a sound shaper tool. Lots of surprises just by turning a few knobs!!


Sezares metronome experiment is better than some peoples finished tracks… Haha
Way to go Sezare56, you crazy OT scientist…

Just goes to show it doesn’t take a lot of gear, or even samples… Great example of what an OT can do with seemingly nothing, I believe it’s much more about being creative than anything else…


Another version with a pad / drone intro.
A pad from a metronome…:elot::heart:


great sound design. You should sell all your synths, you don’t need them.
Get a second OT :wink:


^ It is true.


Spent the last two ours with the metronome :slight_smile:
Let’s see.


I got as far as sampling the metronome, but too late tonight now to get anything started, I’ll get something done one evening this week though.


come on people get involved :rofl:

i have banger techno track inbound maybe a day or two, unbelievable kick made from this click


This is a great challenge! I’ll share something this week. Can guarantee it’ll be pretty rotten and my usual poorly mixed effort but sharing is part of the fun.

These are the type of challenges I enjoy though. Narrow enough to make you dig deep but not too narrow that it isn’t still fun. I haven’t a clue if I’m going about stuff efficiently it how I’m doing what I’m doing really but I’m learning some new approaches and tricks.


Sorry boys and girls, I’d give this a shot for sure especially cause it’s sezares56, he rules, but my life flow has me not Octatracking for a minute here… I’m off duty, but I’m still hangin around here…


I’m in. Should have a track in a week or so.


Oh no! What has happened to the world these days?! How have we been led so astray?! :open_mouth:


Here’s my effort. As I say in the Soundcloud chat - can only polish a turd so much so thought I’d get it out there than spend more time on it.

Really enjoyed this one though. 5 main patterns, some scenes and cross fader use. Even gave using the arranger a go for the first time ever (though not with the final recording).

Realised I’m a lot quicker with the OT than I ever thought. Was resampling quick (pad sounds), resampling tracks for the beats, all sorts. End result might be a load of nonsense and repetitive but another step closer to where I want to get to with the OT. Most importantly, lots of fun was had!


There comes a time in mans life when they just gotta set there Octatrack to the side for a moment, it’s a natural part of evolution… Haha, Don’t worry… I’ll be back. Better, faster, stronger… :wink:




While working on the track, my metronome turned into some saxophone vibes :rofl:


Yes ! Great baryton sax sound ! Comb filters I guess ? Played with a keyboard ?
Funny because yesterday I wanted to make drums with comb filters and I ended with electric bass, mute guitar and flute. :slight_smile:


Cheap flute vibes. :content:


I have the feeling, that you’re recording an entire album based on that metronome


No comb filter. A strange combination of small looped metro section, filter settings, filter drive and a volume lfo. No idea where the sax came from. Suddenly it was there :wink: