New PUSH 3 MPE, Standalone option...out now!

I’ll just leave this here for discussion!


Replace processor, battery and hard drive as technology improves



2k? I’ll pass for now


There are 2 versions but you can upgrade the basic to standalone- Genius!

Push (standalone)
Use Push as a standalone instrument
64 expressive pads
Built-in audio interface
Intel 11th Gen Core™ i3-1115G4 processor with 8GB of RAM
Built-in lithium battery with up to 2.5 hours play time
Built-in 256GB SSD hard drive
Replace processor, battery and hard drive as technology improves
GBP 1669

Connect Push to your computer
64 expressive pads
Built-in audio interface
Add a processor, battery and hard drive later using the Upgrade Kit ›
GBP 879


wow ! very curious about this one…

It looks like everything that everyone was asking for. I am pretty happy with my Push 2 and have an Osmose for MPE so I will probably pass (unless they offer an upgrade like they did with PUSH 1- 2) but I am glad they have made it!

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it’s for standalone version, the one that connects to your computer is $1k

Holy Moly … I’m a Bitwig convert … but this might be my dream device/sound generator for Linnstrument. Kinda like Deluge but squared.

this is wild

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Just saw this and thought it was April 1st lol


Wow. This is pretty much the perfect bit of hardware and what lots of people have been asking for

Top marks ableton


This is Great!


Nice, I’ll be keen to hear more about the screen - are those specs available? I found the one on the Push2 to be a bit low-res by modern standards - minor gripe but as it often replaces your main display I always wanted more crisp! I’m not sure it’ll come across on videos so will be interested to hear the deets

The fact you can buy an upgrade kit is great - and it’s priced fairly (i.e. upgrading doesn’t cost more than if you buy the standalone version). I like that because standalone doesn’t appeal to me, but things change so it’s nice to not have to commit to something like that. Likewise if you bought standalone and decided you didn’t need it I assume you could pull that kit and sell it on as an upgrade kit for someone else.


Killer. I loved my Push2, but prefered standalone gear to get away from the computer when not working. This looks ideal (but expensive!)

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Amazing, they did it! Those upgrade options are amazing. Fully standalone

Half life 3 confirmed!

This is way more than I thought they’d ever do

Also: it’s still massive, but this is a full proper ableton tunes in one box now


If its got that rubberised coating on it…


Hmmm… Nice! Not sure I can justify the cost though. Push2, APC40 and Laptop is where I think I’ll be drawing the line for now.

I need the non-Ableton plugins for gigs anyhow. Unless it gets ports at some point…?

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Very interesting that it’s upgradable. Kinda future proofs it.
The maschine plus (which this will be strongly compared to I’d guess? ) pricing is much more agreeable for me though.