iPad Music Apps?


I’m thinking about finally getting an iPad(used ideally) and I’m wondering if y’all know of any good composition/synth apps that I could upload into it.

Ideally I’d like something where I can sorta organize my thoughts, and possibly work on structure, but I’ve seen some cool videos where a guy made a composition with a monomachine and an iPad app. So any suggestions will be researched!

First and foremost, definitely want to get Strom + RYTM because that looks really cool.

Thank you

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Honestly, there is so much that is awesome unless you ask something more specific, its hard to know what to suggest. I really like Patterning and Samplr.


Those looks awesome! Thanks!


what kind of features would you like in an app for organizing thoughts and working on structure? Something daw like w good audio features?


I’m guessing a sequencer. Something where I can musically map out progressions and layers, that would be awesome. I’m so wrapped up in the elektron flow where I build up a one pattern loop so much that i can’t have any sort of song structure.

That would be my main concern going into it. But I have a very OTB tendency, so I guess something that sounds good and I can compose legitimate songs on would be cool too.

anything I can carry around and sorta sketch out ideas would be pretty cool to me


Not exactly what you are asking but Sector is the best thing I’ve ever played with in IOS land, not including Collider / Strom as they are for Rytm primarily.


Korg Gadget foremost…

Then Novation Blocs (just a good way to work with ideas)

Get Novation Launchpad… because it’s such a nice companion to midi SYNC w/ RYTM for live sets.

DISCLAIMER: there are too many good iPad apps that many people (me included) get so many that we never master any! It’s as if you had access to endless hardware purchases, you wouldn’t learn any of them very deeply.


Second for Patterning The workflow is dead simple while giving great options for poly rythms and sound shaping. The export functiionality is great and its syncs to midi clock well for live manipulating with my elekton boxes.


As a composition sketchpad, I’d recommend korg gadget (if you like reason), modstep (if you like ableton live), and auria pro (if you like pro tools). Cubasis can also work, and gargeband is free IIRC (not using garageband myself).

I’d advise caution when purchasing iOS music apps as most of them are really limited or not-so-good sounding or both. I’ve amassed quite a collection of music apps that I never use after the initial honeymoon phase has passed. The inability to properly demo apps sucks on many levels.

As for synths, my favorites are Virsyn Tera, Moog Model 15, Sunrizer and the Korg iM1. These are all solid, fully featured synths/workstations that sound usable. While there are other apps I also find myself using, these are the ones I can recommend quite strongly.

For proper processing (ie comparable to a computer), Auria Pro has most of the fabfilter plugins available as in-app purchases. So if you use and love fabfilter stuff on the computer, Auria might be a good investment.

Like someone mentioned, Audioshare, Audiobus and AudioCopy/Audiopaste are all very useful tools in the iOS audio toolbox.

One more word on samples - they can be a bitch to manage on the iOS, as access to a common file system doesn’t exist (without jailbreaking). Personally I am still figuring out which app I want to use for building a sample library for, since there is very little point in copying the same 100’s/1000’s of samples into many different apps.


I enjoy:

Moog Model15 (I learned of Audulus 3 after M15; haven’t tried it yet)

Essential Utilities: Audioshare /Audiocopy / Audiobus

Fine apps, but have not blown my mind:





I second that. Most fun anyone can have with an iPad.



Modstep will be up for all your composing needs and far far more.

Virtual synths: the Arturia ones, Moog model 15 and Animoog, need extra drums? Ruismaker.


Ruismaker + An old Kord electribe = an awesome drum machine setup

…Modstep still hurts my head. :cold_sweat:


Modstep may not be as intuitive as it should, but once you get it, it is an awesome app.


Animoog! Amazing and unique synth!
Thor is quite good
iSEM is also awesome!
I second patterning sequencing either of the ruismaker drum apps, both the original and fm are great!
And of course gadget!
I disagree that the apps don’t work well together, get AUM and audiobus as a hub and you are set!
And you could easily sequence the lot from octatrack or any other hardware sequencer!


By the way, any recommendations for a decent reverb fx? Preferably in AU format (for use in Auria Pro)

So far I haven’t found a single reverb I’d be content with. The recent RF-1 was a bit of a disappointment too. If only valhallaDSP ported their algos to the iOS platform… Also don’t dig the internal reverbs of Auria Pro, and their in-app store doesn’t really sell any “go-to” reverbs AFAIK


All the AUFX are great! Confusing name as they arent AU format. Made by the same guy that makes AUM


For reverb, I like using AUFX:Space - straightforward to use and sounds decent enough. You will also want Audioshare by the same developer (Kymatica) for quick recording of your sketches and jams - when you just don’t feel like firing up a full fledged DAW app. And of course AUM has emerged as the IOS mixer/hub app of choice for a lot people.

Gliderverb is fun for more experimental reverb sounds.

midiSequencer by Tony Saunders is a great analog-style step sequencing app, when you want to just get a jam going and not really feeling like stitching together an full-blown, song-length MIDI sequence just yet… It’s great for testing the MIDI features of other gear - I just used it to try out MIDI CCs on my Eventide H9 Max pedal. The app has evolved in interesting and surprising ways over time as Tony has gotten inspiration from chatting with fellow iPad musos and users.

Xynthesizr is another great little sequencing app. I’ve used it mostly with the internal synth, but others have been pleased using it to sequence other stuff via MIDI too. The auto-generation features are a lot of tun.


There’s an article on sonicstate for new reverb app

My favorite app on iPad is : Animoog, Filtatron, Samplr, Borderlands granular, Fugue Machine, StepPolyArp, Mimix, Audiobus, Turnado, Wow Filter, TC11, Audioshare, Impaktor


I can highly recommend SHOOM by Yuri Turov and FIELDSCAPER+SOUNDSCAPER by Igor Vasiliev.


Really nice also PHOTOPHORE by TaikaSystems