iPad Music Apps?

Wow! Thank you all for all of these suggestions! I’m really looking forward to checking these all out and playing with them!

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Altispace is a fantastic reverb.

Check out Yamaha set list. It’s not what you asked for but it does help you stay organized.

Oo ooo!
+1 on FieldScaper and Soundscaper, serious business and unbelievably powerful! Forgot about those badboys!
Got to mention some beat orientated apps, namely Tweakybeat (free and a plastic tekno slammer) Seekbeats for great modulation, transition and randomisation features - another slammer (same genius as TweakyBeat).
Lastly is Elastic Drums, severely capable of complete tracks with some amazing features, I often make some steaming tekno or fractured beats and then open them up in the aforementioned Sector for further exploration, often I’m late to bed…

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Oh…totally forgot but this might go among the tops…TriqTraq by ZaplinMusic…fun fun fun !! and quick export of bars of loops ready to be loaded into OT.
Made by a guy I believe used to hang out in the Elektron forum…


My favorites:

“Moog Animoog” and the newer “Moog Model 15” is awesome synths.

“Nanostudio” for small scale production. Works on iPad 1st generation.

Or use the iPad as a super cool MIDI controller with “Lemur”.
Lemur also works with iPad 1st gen.


+1 to Samplr, although it hasn’t been updated for a while… it’s a classic.
+1 to AUFX effects, and a MUCH love for AUM Mixer - I have barely touched Audiobus since it came out.
for drum machines: Elastic Drums can get into some Machinedrum-esque territory.
also, Patterning is a lot of fun, really intuitive and great for fans of polyrythm and expressiveness…
for sound manipulation, drones, field recording mangling… my favorite is FieldScaper - Borderlands Granular is great too, although I haven’t used it as much as I thought I would…
Korg Gadget is, as someone mentioned, a lot of fun - specially since it’s an all-in-one platform, with many synth flavours to choose… I feel like they’re all very limited, but considering you can have a lot of gadgets at the same time, each with up to 5 insert FX… also, I found the step sequencer quite easy to use - unfortunately they all share the same time signature, and importing samples into Bilbao (wich is a in-app purchase) is quite painful as it involves doing it one sample at a time… but overall I haven’t regrtereged buying it at all.
another favorite for drone freaks is Shoom, wich I had the pleasure of beta testing for :slight_smile:


Best over all MIDI sketch pad I have used is genome, but it is kind of “dated”. I know a few elektron fan boys who enjoy ModStep a lot.

I absolutely adore Mitosynth: https://www.wooji-juice.com/products/mitosynth/

I’m not sure why it doesn’t get more attention, but it’s one of my favorite tools for sound design in any format. I’m also a huge fan of Grain Science by the same developer, but if you only get one, Mitosynth is where it’s at.


One app I never tire of recommending for composition purposes is iSequence. It’s never gotten much love when compared to the more synth-oriented apps, but I use it more or less constantly to create stems for the OT and to compose longer pieces. It’s an older app that doesn’t play well with others but it does enough on its own that it’s never bothered me. Decent initial onboard sounds and an extra 10 bucks or so will get you some nice expansion packs.

Most recently, I used it to create a bunch of sample chains for the OT, and they work fine. I expect they’d do just as well in the AR.

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Screw iPad APPS…

How about iPad peripherals?! Novation LAUNCH CONTROL gives me a hardware controller for AUM (while being able to trigger Launchpad clips and effects), plus control up to like 8 different pages of CCs for other apps at the same time!

I think it’s the ultimate way to keep tabs on all my Background Audio stuff that’s running while keeping my screen focused on my main synths


(Right now I’m using one row to control the send levels in AUM while using another to control the knobs on Turnado)


I use my linnstrument to play a lot of these synths and modules.

Linnstrument works great for Korg module, moog model 15, and animoog.

For drum contrôler I use the mpd232 because sometimes we all need to play thé mpc in bed.

As for sound card I use the behringer uca22 to rip my drum loops into iMPC pro

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Controllers I have used w/ apps:

KMI Qunexus - Not perfect but works fine. Pitch bend/vibrato by sideways motion of the keys is a trip. Can also serve as poor man’s MIDI-CV converter.

Arturia Microbrute - Not a great feeling keyboard but it works fine as a MIDI controller.

I also have KMI Softstep 2 and 12 Step. I’ve used Softstep 2 with Octatrack but not yet with IOS apps.

MPC Mini (quick and easy) and BCR2000 (save a preset for deep diving on your fav), both simple with CCK.

Speaking of Arturia… I almost got the beatstep for my iPad… (supposedly integrates well with the Arturia iSpark app and stuff) but then I saw that the Circuit works INCREDIBLY with iOS

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Arturia iSpark has 6-slot round robin btw. Great drumpler app that!


Yeah I’ve heard good things about Circuit.

I originally got the Microbrute for mostly standalone use - not really to use as a controller, but it was nice to test it with iPad just for fun.

You can get some crazy sounds from iVCS3, it’s the most fun ipad app I’ve tried :grinning:


Holy cow! That Borderlands looks INCREDIBLE

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What is this Modstep? Is it a midi control app? Or is it like a little ipad studio?

Modstep is a sequencer. I got it since two weeks, and I think it will completely change the way I make music.
You can create templates with all midi CC for your synth and draw real time control !
Like said before here, it’s like ableton live. I think I will control it with octatrack and then send control on every others synths. Parameter locked power + real time control without computer.