Digitakt & Ipad

greatness :slight_smile:


I‘ve ben checking out this synth called „Volt“. It has awesome pad sounds, kinda Oberheimisch :slight_smile:

Another great one is Audulus, it‘s a Modulare Synth app.


Aparillo and quanta are my recent gotos

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Audiokit Synth One- it’s free


Also Spotify, YouTube, a radio app


Some of the best sounding synths to sample IMO are D1 (great for pads), Synthmaster One (great for stabs and other rich sounds) and Zeeon and Model D (great for analogue sounds).

Samplr and Borderlands are great for making weird chopped up/granular sounds.

Radiooooo is a really cool app for finding random songs from across the eras and around the world to sample!

There are so many great apps out there as sample sources, happy to offer further recommendations if you’re into a specific area… iPad as a full production solution is pretty frustrating still but as a sound source I can’t imagine better value for money than the base model iPad!


ppl say korg monopoly is amazing too but never used it

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Bram bos noir


Pads I can filter / Arps and basses
I write songs so nice keyboard sounds also


Chord progressions



How did I forget about those?!

One of the most important things (if you use it with DT or hardware) is to make sure it has MIDI IN/OUT, or at least midi in.

There is a lot of apps that don’t have midi, only LINK or nothing. Some have damaged midi and or don’t work.

Personally I like Step Poly Arp for sending arp/sequence to OT, all MOOG apps, iVCS3.

If you put an iPad compatible sound card like ZOOM U24 between the two, you can use iPad as an FX (Turnado) or record loops into LoopyHD etc…not bad

For midi sync and audio out, you can use Alesis midi hub.


+1 for Radiooooo !

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Yeah such a cool app. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way to rewind a track if you hear a bit you like and aren’t recording!

Found it :grinning: click on track, copy and paste in youtube

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does anyone record into your ipad/iPhone? I have to do some extended travelling and with the
op-z and an iPhone I could probably cover a lot of ground. Basically what daw and interface are suggested.

Does anybody knows if this thing here can be used as an external USB input, in order to connect my Ipad Pro 11" to a Digitakt?

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